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Nadine Lustre’s ‘Absolute Madness’ is coming plus more news

TrueID ClickJuly 2, 2021


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By: Jerald Uy

Remember that duet when James Reid told former belle Nadine Lustre, “Naniniwala ka na ako sa forever?”

The lyrics may ring true to Lustre as a Quezon City Regional Trial Court ruled that her management contract with Viva Artists Agency—well, not exactly "forever"—but until 2029.

ICYMI: Nadine announced in 2019 that she is terminating her contract with VAA, alleging that it is "unconscionable, oppressive, and illegal." The agency then filed a petition to grant them interim measures of protection in relation to their contract with the actress.

The Court’s ruling read, "Petitioner [VIVA] has established its unequivocal right arising from the subject Revised Agency and Management Agreement. It has been established that respondent [Nadine] contracted with them to act as sole and exclusive manager for respondent’s exercise of profession in show business."

Lustre's legal counsel Lorna Kapunan still sees this as a win because one, the court denied Viva’s claims for attachment and garnishment of Nadine’s hard-earned earnings and her bank accounts.

Two, the court is saying the validity of the contract should be tackled in arbitration proceedings and not the court.

And three, the court believed Viva's claim that Lustre had intended to defraud them.

“She may have breached the agreement in 2019; however that fact alone is not enough to sufficiently support that she had intended to defraud Viva at the time she entered into an agency agreement," wrote Judge Jose Paneda in his June 11 decision, citing that Lustre had already stayed with Viva for a decade. 

Lustre's online concert “Absolute Madness” set on July 3 is still a go. Kapunan told ABS-CBN News that the cease and desist order is not yet final and Lustre has 15 days to appeal the decision. "Tuloy ang concert. We will file a motion for reconsideration," Kapunan said. 

As for Viva, legal counsel Atty. Paolo Roxas said that with the ruling, the actress "is precluded from entering into and/or performing contracts involving her services as an artist/endorser, without the consent and participation of Viva."

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