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How can we attract more customers using digital technology?

TrueID ClickMay 28, 2021


Last year brought a significant change to the entire Philippine industry as both huge corporations and independent SME operations were greatly affected by the global pandemic. Fortunately, most local establishments are starting to open up their physical stores once again. But now that most Filipinos have already adapted to a purely digital presence online, how do we bring back customers?

The 9th Thought Leadership series by True Digital and the Philippine Retailers Association will address this concern through a webinar entitled, Recalibrating Retail CX in the New Normal with Digital Technologies.

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True Digital’s comprehensive talk on will cover the following topics:

Co-creating Branded Stories and Social Selling during Quarantine 

Find the best ways to effectively collaborate with your customers to build a reputation of trust and reliability in the industry. Dindo Marzan of True Digital and TrueID will teach business owners how to build a foundation of authenticity and create a real connection with consumers. He will delve into the massive shift toward UGC peer reviews as a marketing and selling tool. 

Impact of the Pandemic on Retail and How Retailers are Adjusting

Gain a better understanding of the industry landscape as a whole. Paolo Realista of Intel Corporation will put things into perspective when it comes to running a business in the new normal. He will share insights on how retailers are embracing digital transformation as a response to the new trends driven by the pandemic.  

Helping Your Customers Find Your Shop without Going Out

Go beyond keyword optimization and improve top-of-mind marketing influence in the virtual space. Marina Fanelli of Local Pulse will help increase the findability and credibility of your brand by ensuring that customers can accurately find your store and get what they need. 

Building Your Own Online Ordering System Minus the Hassle

Learn how to operate efficiently, streamline communications, and unify the store process without risking the overall safety of both customer and employee. Hemanth Rao of Crave will teach companies and SMEs the best practices when it comes to improving the customer experience while observing social distance protocols and limiting direct interaction, especially in the food and beverages (F&B) industry. 

Cost-efficient Alternatives to Improve and Promote Your Business

Discover the benefits of an AI-enabled management system when it comes to promoting brand visibility. Benedict Buhain of True Digital and Raydiant will help businesses level up the in-store experience through digital signage, which offers artificial intelligence capabilities and personalized recommendations. He will break down new digital technologies such as computer vision and discuss how it can help retailers have an in-depth look into consumer behavior.

Now that your business is up and running, don’t just settle for the status quo and explore the possibilities and opportunities of a post-pandemic era and consider an upgrade.  

If you’re interested in learning more about this discussion then reserve a slot by visiting the Philippine Retailers Association events page on their official website. 

Which pain point would you like to address in your business? 

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