Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (August 2 - August 8) - TrueID

Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (August 2 - August 8)

TrueID ClickJuly 31, 2021




QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Manage your energy and don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of success.” 

BUSINESS: You might feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks that you have to accomplish this week. Don’t go through it alone! Seek others for help.

FINANCES: You need to invest time and money into your own health and living space. Do some repairs and replace damaged items.

RELATIONSHIPS: Whether you’re single or taken, you should learn how to be more understanding and flexible when speaking with others. You can avoid big arguments if you are able to sense the other person’s vibe and adjust accordingly.

HEALTH: Avoid acting impulsively because it might lead to accidents that will cause both pain and embarrassment.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Learn to forgive and let go of old resentments so you can move on to greater things.”

BUSINESS: Choose your battles! When you’ve exhausted all possible solutions and it remains unsolvable, just walk away.

FINANCES: The pay from a difficult job doesn’t seem equal to the risk and there’s always an unexpected expense. The week may seem tough but hang in there and you’ll get through it!

RELATIONSHIPS: You might be experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Remember that you’re not alone and that there are people who can support you. Open up and talk about it.

HEALTH: Be careful when handling wooden items because you might get a splinter. Also, don’t leave your things lying around or else it might cause injury for others.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Just like your body, the mind needs to take some much-needed rest and relaxation.”

BUSINESS: Experimenting with modern approaches such as utilizing new technology is a great way to innovate the work process. However, nothing beats learning the fundamentals. After all, you need to know the rules before you break them.

FINANCES: You might be dealing with trade negotiations and other forms of corporate communications that may not pay a lot but is beneficial for the experience.

RELATIONSHIPS: Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. You shouldn’t have to compromise your morals for the sake of your partner. Make sure that your values are aligned and if not then it might be time to leave. 

HEALTH: Watch what you inhale and consume in general because chemicals might be the cause of your sudden headache. Remember to take care of your mental health as well.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You are courageous, headstrong and determined! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

BUSINESS: Keep a level head when working through obstacles and sudden shifts in the company process. Steer clear of office quarrels and possible lawsuits by not giving in to a sour mood.

FINANCES: Your pay will come in without any delays. However, you may have to pull from your savings to remain free of debt. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Love may be on the rocks this week. There might be some disappointment due to a lack of affection for each other. Talk to your partner and work out these problems together. 

HEALTH: Overworking yourself might weaken your immune system so find time to rest. If you keep this up, you might be at risk for a relapse. You also need some shut-eye!



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Knowledge and stubbornness can go hand-in-hand because you need to know when to stand your ground.”

BUSINESS: This will be an intellectually stimulating and exciting week for you! There will be a work-related event that will inspire and motivate you to go beyond expectations. 

FINANCES: Income is not as stable so you must save up and spend only as much as you need. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Worried about an unrequited love? You first need to decide if it’s really worth the time and effort because it will require a lot of patience. If you want to avoid any conflicts this week, you will also need to be more chill when speaking to others, especially if you’re close with one another. 

HEALTH: Your tendency to overthink and be easily irritated might be affecting your overall health. You should also be careful of going up or climbing anything.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The competition may be fierce but don’t let it distract you from achieving your goal.” 

BUSINESS: Act calmly and rationally in the workplace and always remember the rules. Don’t trust anyone so easily, especially if they’re someone from the opposite sex. A competitor may be waiting to take advantage of this vulnerability.

FINANCES: You might want to opt for paying in cash to avoid accumulating more debt. It would also be wise to find another source of income. While financially assisting others is great, remember to be mindful of how much is left in the bank before you spend it all away. 

RELATIONSHIPS: You’re in luck because the flames of passion are burning brightly as if it was day one of the relationship. However, if you make the mistake of doing something sketchy then what goes around comes around.

HEALTH: You might be feeling frazzled which can lead to accidents. Make sure to have a clear head before doing any major tasks.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Feeling confused with your mixed bag of emotions? Acknowledge each one and then move on. Don’t let negative emotions ruin the rest of your day.”

BUSINESS: You might be distracting yourself from the difficult task at hand but there’s no use delaying the inevitable. You must power through each task because it is vital to establishing ties with foreign businesses. It will take a shorter amount of time than you initially expected.

FINANCES: You have enough allowance for some personal spending. There will be friends who may approach you for financial support. It’s worth considering how much it will help them in the long run.

RELATIONSHIPS: You might be caught in a half-baked situation with someone so think about whether you want to officially commit. Otherwise, you will feel like the relationship is more of a dream than a reality.

HEALTH: Your love troubles may manifest physically so take extra care of your mind and body during this time.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You must go through the journey before reaching the destination. When seeing a new opportunity, don’t dive headfirst. Study it thoroughly and gather all the information.” 

BUSINESS: Innovation is the name of the game this week! Keep an open mind when it comes to the new tools of the trade and don’t just rely on prior knowledge. 

FINANCES: Cash came in quickly and unexpectedly thanks to a lucrative short-term project. You should also explore the potential of homegrown herbs.

RELATIONSHIPS: This is the calm before the storm so better pull yourself out of the water while you still can. You may encounter a major conflict that will be both confusing and hurtful on both sides.

HEALTH: If you’re not sure about your undiagnosed symptoms, get a check-up from a doctor. Remember to always be good to yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Take time out of your day to be thankful for your blessings. Remembering the good things in your life will motivate you to quickly resolve any problem.”

BUSINESS: The temperature is rising at the workplace and it’s not just because of the weather. Be careful with communicating with others this week because the majority of your colleagues will be hotheaded. If you can’t take the heat then it’s time to take a vacation.

FINANCES: Since you’re being more responsible with paying off debts, you might end up spending more, too. You can use your money for necessities without any trouble. That said, this might be a good time to find a side hustle just to keep the momentum going.

RELATIONSHIPS: There might be love trouble ahead with the growing distance between you and your partner. You may both be in a frantic mood so look for the best time to talk it out but don’t prolong the problem. 

HEALTH: Make sure to keep track of items such as glasses, contact lenses and anything else that help you see better. Your blurry vision might cause some accidents.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Your destiny awaits at the end of a long journey so keep moving forward and reap the rewards.”

BUSINESS: You are doing a great job at work this week and colleagues will be cheering you on. However, you must avoid letting all that admiration go to your head. Staying humble will create a more appealing public image and will bring in good fortune.

FINANCES: You are making bank thanks to your liquid assets. You may even receive some surprise benefits.

RELATIONSHIPS: Communication lines are all open as most people you’ll meet will be warm and considerate. Your positive vibe will make it easier for others to fall in love with you. 

HEALTH: Your mind and body are out of sync with each other. Your mental health is delicate at the moment as you are sensitive and easily hurt.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “To accomplish your best work, you must also learn how to set limitations to avoid burning out. Only then can you achieve greatness.”

BUSINESS: If you’re waiting for feedback then you’re in luck! Any projects up for deliberation will receive rave reviews. You will also have luck with new projects because as soon as you decide to start, everything will be ready.

FINANCES: When shopping, have a sense of modesty and don’t overindulge in a lavish lifestyle even if you can afford to. Your money can be put to good use by helping others as well.

RELATIONSHIPS: You and your partner may not be as affectionate as before but at least you enjoy a loving union. Your relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding as you see each other as equals. 

HEALTH: Your brain is tired and overworked so you may not be thinking clearly at the moment. It’s important to get enough rest and sleep on time. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “There’s no shortcut to making it big. You must work hard and persevere in order to climb the ladder of success.”

BUSINESS: All your efforts have finally paid off and you’re being recognized for accomplishing many duties and responsibilities. You can bask in the glory but don’t forget to also reward those who helped you along the way.

FINANCES: You have a comfortable amount of money that will get you through the week with ease. However, you must not start carelessly spending your cash. If you need to earn more, identifying your skills and expertise will lead you to new sources of income. 

RELATIONSHIPS: The forced physical distance between people right now has riled up the desire of many singles out there. If you’re looking for something stable then don’t easily give in to what your body wants.

HEALTH: Invest in a good work chair because sitting in the wrong position may cause sprains. Also be careful of getting high blood pressure. 

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