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Angeline Quinto defends partner from bashers; refutes claim she works alone to provide for their family

LionhearTVNovember 14, 2022

The Kapamilya singer clarified the issue that suggested she has been alone providing for her son and family’s needs.

Angeline Quinto defended Nonrev Daquino, her partner after several netizens accused the latter of not working enough to provide for the family. Some insinuated that Quinto is the sole breadwinner of her family, which she denied. The Kapamilya singer-actress clarified during the press conference held for the upcoming talent-reality show, Dream Maker.

“Ang dami kong nababasang ganon. Si Non naman, kapag talagang nakakita kami ng ganon, talagang tinatawanan na lang namin.Alam naman namin na kaming dalawa ‘yung nagkakaintindihan. Kaming dalawa ‘yung pupuno kung anuman ang pangangailangan ni Sylvio.

“(I must admit I’ve been reading a lot of slurs. But I and Non, whenever we read things like that, choose to laugh it off. We understand, too well, that it is the two of us who would fill the love and the needs of our son, Sylvio),” she shared. Quinto gave birth to her first child on April 27. 

In September, she got engaged to her partner Daquino.

“Meron naman siyang maliit na business. Ngayon nasa insurance sales siya. Yung ibang business niya naman, kung kaya kong suportahan, susuportahan ko naman siya.”

“(He has a small business. He is currently doing insurance sales. I make sure to support his other businesses, whenever I can),” she added, insisting that it doesn’t sound right to hear accusations about her soon-to-be-husband’s falling short in providing for the family.

The Kapamilya actress shared that while she and her partner are already engaged, there are still no definite date about their wedding. She ensured that the public would know, once a date for their wedding is set.

Angeline is one of the local mentors of the pop boy group search, Dream Maker, which debuts on ABS-CBN platforms this month.

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