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THROWBACK: When Xyriel Manabat stalled Andi Eigenmann’s teleserye launch in ‘Agua Bendita’

LionhearTVOctober 27, 2021

The then-starting aspiring actress Andi Eigenmann was yet to be launched in her own teleseries via Agua Bendita, back then.

Avid fans surely still remember that in weeks before Agua Bendita’s Primetime Bida debut, Andi Eigenmann and her co-stars, Matteo Guidecelli and Jason Abalos, were all over the teasers, plugs, and other promotional campaigns for the show.

There was massive attention generated for her much-anticipated TV series debut. Eigenmann, the daughter of seasoned drama actress, Jaclyn Jose and being an Eigenmann, the young actress had imposing expectations to meet, and she seemed more ready than she was demanded to be.

The series, Agua Bendita, is a TV adaptation of the classic Rod Santiago comic book serial of the same title.

The new series marked the second time ABS-CBN was adapting the beloved story about the eponymous twin sisters, to the small screen.

The Network first adapted it to a weekly series, as part of the fantasy-drama anthology, Komiks Presents, which featured popular local comic book characters, including Pedro Penduko, Vincent, and Blusang Itim. The weekly series starred Shaina Magdayao in the title roles.

With the new adaptation, Xyriel Manabat (100 Days to Heaven, Momay) was tapped to play the young versions of Agua and Bendita.

Agua and Bendita are twins who are total opposites of each other, not only in character but also in composition. Agua is perfectly normal, while Bendita is born in water form.

Like in many soap operas, protagonists don’t stay children or young for too long.

With the exception of child-led dramas, the adult versions of the characters normally appear in the story after a week, at most.

However, Agua Bendita’s case was entirely different.

Manabat was not meant to last longer than a week in playing the young versions of Agua and Bendita, but the very warm reception from the public ultimately forced the writers and management to make the child actress stay for a little longer to play the role.

On its first episode alone, Agua Bendita was able to intimidate then Mega Manila leader, Darna, in the rating game.

On February 8, 2010, the show placed second overall and was among the most-watched primetime shows in Mega Manila, according to AGB Nielsen.

By Thursday, February 11, Agua Bendita was already the no.1 show in Mega Manila. With intensifying public clamors to keep Manabat on the show, its showrunners seemingly bent to the viewers’ request when Manabat went on to play for at least three more weeks.

Because of this, Eigenmann’s mother, Jaclyn Rose, allegedly declared she would pull her daughter out of the show if Andi’s debut would not take place immediately.

Netizens and viewers had doubts the newbie actress could maintain Agua Bendita’s winning streak in ratings. Eigenmann finally appeared on the show (for the next episode’s preview) on March 26, Friday, or nearly two months after the show’s premiere.

Eigenmann ultimately proved her doubters wrong when the show didn’t only maintain its high rating. It went on to get extended on air for a few more times.

On March 31, 2010, which featured her official debut and rated 32.6% according to AGB Mega Manila ratings, higher than the 29.8% posted by its Kapuso rival show, Panday Kids.

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