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Netizens rave about Julie Anne San Jose’s acting on the scene with Tirso Cruz III in ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’

LionhearTVDecember 31, 2022

Kapuso star Julie Anne San Jose received so much praise from netizens following her much-talked-about confrontational scene with Padre Damaso (Tirso Cruz III) in Maria Clara at Ibarra

On Twitter, Kapuso fans can’t help but gush over her performance in the episode, which showed her acting prowess.

Netizen @julienitedPh tweeted, “With all our hearts, we proudly know that Julie Anne San Jose is truly limitless. Acting chops like this? Oh wow. She. Is. Maria. Clara.”

A non-Kapuso netizen, @jiminiminipablo, also commended San Jose for being such a revelation in that scene, which he characterized as one of the Kapuso star’s bests.

“From someone na hindi Kapuso, Julie Anne San Jose is a revelation. She has portrayed Maria Clara very well. One of her best.”

@andie_ji agreed, saying San Jose portraying Maria Clara was a wonderful surprise, adding that the confrontational scene was one of her favorites.

“Julie Anne San Jose @myjaps / Maria Clara at Ibarra Julie Anne as MC is such a wonderful surprise. Her consistent showcase of acting prowess in each scene is such a revelation. But so far, this confrontation scene is my most fave! Her anger in this scene is so intense!”

@escapingthought, meanwhile, praised not only San Jose but also Tirso Cruz III for executing the scene very well.

“MCI did it again! This scene especially the last few seconds… what in the world was that, Ms. Julie Anne San Jose?!! Hats off to Sir Tirso Cruz III as well. Galing! (clap emoji)”

@japsyray, @juanderpet_, @filayendgame, and @thesalamisim all shared goosebumps about the scene, lauding San Jose for her realistic portrayal of an anguishing Maria Clara.

“JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE!!!! Yung goosebumps ko!!! I really felt Clarita’s pain and anger towards her real father!!! ”

“This confrontation scene? Grabe yung Julie Anne San Jose!!!”

“Wow… Just wow. This entire scene. The pain and betrayal in MC’s eyes and in her voice. And to see Julie’s acting shine along with a veteran like Tirso Cruz. Grabe yung iyak ko dito.”

“i can feel the rage & disgust in every word maria clara says in this scene. Julie Anne San Jose is no joke @MyJaps ! her expression is perfect &she delivered every line with such emotion. goosebumps. “OMG” ako ng malakas”

The well-lauded scene was Maria Clara‘s confrontation with Padre Damaso after she found out that the friar was his biological father.

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