Morissette vows to put out more music after wedding


May 25, 2021

Morissette Amon cannot tell yet the exact date of her wedding.

For now, what she can assure fans, a.k.a the Morinatics, is that they will be seeing her releasing more songs and new albums after exchanging I do’s with fiance? Dave Lamar.

“I’m so excited to get married because he’s (Dave) my partner in everything,” the bride-to-be told The STAR in an interview. “He’s with me co-producing like in all of the content on my YouTube, s’ya nag-sho-shoot, nag-e-edit at nag-mi-mix. So, I’m excited because there are so many possibilities.”

It was last December when the 24-year-old singer took to Instagram to announce her engagement to Dave with photos of them together and her diamond engagement ring. She also looked back on her love story in the same post, revealing how it has already been nine years since they met. The two have been best friends for seven years and eventually became each other’s first — and forever — love.

The Asia’s Phoenix shared they both have the same passion and interest in music. “There are so many things that we can do, especially when we get married because we’re in one place already. Ngayon kasi we have to throw files back and forth, and that takes a lot of time. I’m really excited for the day when I’ll have a burst of creative (energy) and then automatically we can work with it and he can play right away with the guitar or the piano. I’m looking forward to the days when we can just create content anytime and don’t have to wait anymore kung kailan (kami) mag-kikita.”

As for the wedding, Morissette said they are still working on some details “and at the same time, most of Dave’s relatives, who are coming from the States, hindi pa namin alam if they can come home given the health situation so we don’t commit our time fully to it yet but we’ll get there.”

Dave has also been encouraging her to compose a song. Morissette said she was not too keen before “because those thoughts (in my head), I don’t know how to put them on paper and even my dad would try to push me to write (songs) Cebu days pa. I would often tell him, maybe it’s not for me.”

But the shutting down of shows and live performances during the height of the pandemic gave Morissette the chance to try songwriting. “I was challenged in that sense and he was trying to help me, (and told) maybe it’s time for me to write my thoughts and to just be creative which I never had the time before kasi I would always say na busy ako kasi may ganap. This time, I’m gonna really be working on more songs to put out.”

Meanwhile, Morissette has released her official recording of Shine in celebration of the song’s 25th anniversary this year.

The timely release is a reintroduction of Shine’s original lyrics composed by Trina Belamide, who has joined forces with Star Music to reproduce the now iconic composition.

Shine was originally a Metropop entry first recorded by Ima Castro and performed live by Sweet Plantado during the 1996 Metropop Song Festival and it won second place.

In 2004, Regine Velasquez recorded the song for the commercial of a milk brand and has since then become part of her repertoire in her various concerts.

With fiancé Dave Lamar

When Morissette was told that she would be recording a new version, she wanted Shine to have that gospel flavor.

“I want it to be sort of a praise song for the Lord. Despite the pandemic, I have managed to have some achievements, little miracles that I would like to be thankful for. I also want it to be a thank you song for my fans and family. If not for the Lord’s light, wala tayong lahat dito.”

The seasoned composer Trina, on the other hand, said that the song’s message changes depending on the one who sings it. “Some people saw it as a gospel song or inspirational because its message is so broad that’s why there are many people who can relate to the song.”

According to ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo, they teamed up with Fil-Am musical director Troy Laureta to give Shine a fresh gospel waltz vibe while retaining its overall feel.

Morissette initially felt “super scared” about officially recording Shine although she has already performed it many times in shows and on her soc-med. Trina shared that she saw the singer singing it while playing the piano.

“It’s challenging because I know that it’s already a hit, a winning masterpiece and it’s an anthem,” said Morissette. “Everyone knows the song that it’s a staple even in videoke (bars). When they told me that I was chosen to reinterpret the song for the 25th anniversary, hindi di ko s’ya pinakinggan at all just because ayoko madala sa anumang version ni Miss Regine and Miss Ima. I just wanted to bring my own flavor to the song and the arrangement of Troy Laureta sobrang grandiose na when I was recording it. I envisioned that I was singing inside the Araneta Coliseum.”

She added that since she’s marking her 10th year in the music scene, she considered recording Shine as one of the victories she has achieved. She, too, expressed her desire to grow more as an artist.

“I want to write more songs, produce music and grow more as an artist. I’m looking forward to collaborate with other artists as well,” she said.

(Morissette’s official version of Shine is now available on music streaming services. The song’s music video will be out on May 30 via Morissette’s YouTube Channel with a TV launch in ASAP Natin ‘To the same day.)


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