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Sexy films booming this pandemic? Aljur Abrenica, Cindy Miranda, AJ Raval, other ‘Nerisa’ cast explain the reason why

LionhearTVJuly 9, 2021

How are sexy films amidst the pandemic booming?

In the virtual press conference held on July 8, Aljur Abrenica, Cindy Miranda, AJ Raval, Sheree Bautista, Sean de Guzman, and director Law Fajardo of the upcoming Vivamax movie, Nerisa shared their respective thoughts on sexy films becoming popular during this global pandemic.

One of the movie stars, Miranda, a former beauty queen, believed that the reason is that people are forced to stay at home.

According to her, individuals who watch such films are subject to judgment. But having sexy movies available on streaming platforms gives them the freedom to watch without any fear of being judged.

“Feeling ko kaya pumatok ang gan’tong genre, maybe because nung hindi pa pandemic, tayong mga Pilipino, nahihiya tayong manuod sa sinehan ng mga sexy na movies.

“So now that we’re home, and we have freedom, na hindi naman malalaman ng tao, we’re not gonna be judged kasi nasa bahay tayo. So I think kaya mas napapanuod,” she reasoned.

But for Direk Fajardo, sexy films have been popular even before the pandemic struck. However, the director cannot deny that sex is the number one reason why such a genre is faring well in the industry. Nevertheless, one of the reasons he sees why it is trending is because of “accessibility”.

“Ever since, before the pandemic, may mga gan’tong klaseng genre. Like sex drama, sex action-thriller. In a way, yun ang bumebenta. Alam naman natin yan na yun talaga ang nagbebenta,” explained Direk Fajardo.

“Kung there are people na gustong manood ng gan’tong klaseng genre, lalo na kung nasa streaming, isang pindot lang, isang click lang, mapapanuod na siya. So I guess siguro yun ang intention,” he added.

Fajardo also pointed that Nerisa is different. Though there are intimate and steamy scenes in the movie, he noted how it also tells a story and shares life lessons.

“Actually ‘yung Nerisa… well titignan natin na may sex siya. Pero may ino-offer pa ang Narisa na kwento. At may makukunan pang mga aral.”

Bautista agreed with Direk Fajardo regarding how sex is the number one factor why this genre is popular especially on the international market. However, there is a difference between the local and international sexy filmmakers.

“Yes. Kasi kahit anong mangyari, sex tells. Kahit anong mangyari, yun talaga ‘yon. In denial lang talaga lahat. Bakit ba pumatok ang mga international movies? Because they’re not scared. Ayun naman ang mas pinapanuod natin.”

Moreover, Bautista also stressed that the Philippines could compete internationally if it can break the stigma of sexy films being just about sex.

“And if we can do it sa Philippines and if we can do it sa mga movies natin na maganda ‘yung storya, tapos kaya pa natin labanan ang mga international na sexy film, why not di ba?” she added.

De Guzman likewise agreed with their director. For him, movies such as Nerisa tell more than just sex.

“Gaya nang sinabi ni Direk Law, before palang may mga gan’tong film. Masasabi natin na p’wedeng panglaban sa ibang bansa. Na parang hindi lang tayo masyadong open sa bansa natin dahil nga medyo nahihiya ang iba na manuod ng gan’to. Pero quality talaga ang mga pelikulang gan’to. Tsaka hindi lang naman pinapanuod dito ang mga sexy scenes, may laman din talaga ang pelikula.”

For someone who has done a number of sexy films for Viva, Raval admitted that the locally-made movies in the same category could compete internationally since the respective stories are quite compelling.

“Masasabi ko na yes, yung mga sexy scenes totoong panglaban. Pero kung hindi lang natin titignan yung mga sexy scenes, titignan natin ang buong story ng movie, yun talaga ang totoong panglaban,” she pointed.

Meanwhile, Abrenica emphasized that the stores in sexy films were adapted to real-life situations.

“Hindi siya nawala. Tama yun na pwede siyang ilaban sa ibang bansa. Kasi yung story namin, normal siyang nangyayari sa bawat lugar. Yung complex nung mga character, yung sensibilidad nila, nangyayari sa pang araw-araw. Yung mga personal issues, mga issues sa bayan, mga haka-haka, and sensuality, bawat lugar common language na nangyayari sa’tin.”

Catch Nerisa this coming July 30 on Vivamax.

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