Top 10 DonBelle moments in 'He's Into Her'


July 3, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — When a show is set in a posh high school that features stereotypical cliques of jocks, popular girls, nerds and the in-betweens, expect tension to ensue. When the said show has a rich, popular, and bully male lead and a feisty female lead with family issues, expect conflict and tension in every episode. That's basically what makes "He's Into Her" a hit and more.

The DonBelle teen romance series is now halfway through its 10-episode airing. Fans of the show have their own favorite moments between Maxpein (Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan).

Below are some of the memorable, mostly kilig scenes between the warring leads

1. Deib and Max’s accidental first encounter.

The clashing personalities of Deib and Max were on full display in their very first scene together as the tough and daring Max demanded that Deib be held accountable for their road accident

As they laid eyes on each other, however, it’s as if the stars aligned for a picture perfect “love at first sight” setting until Max caught herself and realized that Deib was being too arrogant.

2. Max confronts and punches Deib. 

It was San chai who made the female-throwing-a-punch-at-the-male-lead scene popular in the cult favorite teen drama "Meteor Garden".

Max and Deib have a similarly inspired scene when Max confronts the former for his unruly actions. This did not sit well for Mr. Popular Deib and started the war between them.

3. Max and Deib accidentally lock their lips.

A locker scene with an accidental smooch. It can't get any 90s high school movie than that.

Imagine a scene where everybody's hanging out by the lockers. Max and her new found friends are headed towards her while Deib overhears his enemy's remarks about him. He'd naturally approach her, to the point that he leaned in front of her small frame. Add a mascot and unruly runner and you get an accidental "kiss".

Don't hold your hopes up though. Click on the next episode if there was really lip interaction.

4. Deib’s cute dream about Max.

The fairytale-like dream sequence between Deib and Max has surely become a fan-favorite as the two exchanged flirty comments to one another and positioned themselves for a kiss.

Sounds wonderful but it was all just a dream.

5. Max walking into a topless Deib.

Every fan girl’s dream came true when Max walked into a topless Deib when she visited his house to work on a school project together. Not only is it a treat for Deib fans but for Donny fans as well as the actor is one of the most crush-worthy actors in town.

The "kilig"-inducing scene made hearts beat even faster when Max was left speechless as Deib slowly made his way towards her.

6. When they open up to each other about their exes.

Although Deib comes off as an arrogant rich kid with a strong personality, deep down he actually has a soft spot and cares for others. This was most evident when they got to bond for the first time, as Deib promised Max that he would beat her ex-boyfriend in a game of basketball so that he could get back at him for ghosting Max.

Hearts melted when Deib vowed, “I’ll win it for you, Max.” It made fangirls stan the varsity basketball captain even more.

7. Deib and Max’s intense billiard game that turns into cute banter.

Who would’ve thought that a friendly game of billiards can make hearts explode because of the cute banter between Deib and Max? Their playful remarks definitely gave fans extreme ‘kilig’ vibes especially when Deib leaned in closer to Max in an attempt to distract her with his charm.

8. Deib finally swallows his pride for Max and puts an end to bullying.

Every romance enthusiast knows that good -- and bad things -- are bound to happen when the once prick of a lead has a change of heart.

After successfully pairing up for a school project and surprising their school mates when Deib reached out to hold Max's hands, fans were just all for this ship to sail.

It's also one of the series' turning points when Deib apologized to Max and called for the end of his barkada’s bullying antics.

9. Deib and Max become the cutest textmates.

Deib and Max as textmates had fans smiling the whole time as they were both absent-mindedly grinning from ear to ear while exchanging cute messages before going to bed.

But the true highlight of the entire scene was Deib realizing that Max makes him happy and that he might really be into her as he wrote down notes about what Max likes and the little things that he’s noticed about her personality.

10. Max and Deib team up for a duet.

It cannot be a Filipino show without singing. For real. Max and Deib have their singing portion when they did an impromptu duet while staring at each other's eyes.

They were looking like the perfect pair of love birds until Max was caught off guard when Deib felt the sudden urge to tell her that he likes her.


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