WATCH: Netizens poke fun at ‘Unang Hirit’ blooper featuring Arnold Clavio, Susan Enriquez, Bam Alegre

LionhearTVMarch 10, 2021

Unang Hirit news report clip of Arnold Clavio, Susan Enriquez and Bam Alegre became instant memes online.

The said clip was grabbed from Unang Hirit’s news segment Unang Balita, which aired on .

The live news featured anchor Alegre, who was reporting from San Juan City. But, when Clavio asked him a question, the former did not respond and was caught walking-out.

After the ‘walk out’ scene, the camera shifted to Susan, who got caught chuckling. Her reaction to what happened even add-up to the entertainment factor of the clip.

Bam reported about San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora’s condition, who tested positive for COVID-19. He already ended his report when Arnold asked a question. It was not his intention to walk out.

But the good thing is–Clavio didn’t get irritated by the blooper; he reacted to it positively instead.

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In doing live news, it is inevitable to commit mistakes. However, as professional anchors, they should know how to compose themselves and carry out the situation smoothly.

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