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‘Can I just have this moment?’ Jiggly Caliente asks fans to let her be the judge in ‘Drag Race Philippines’

LionhearTVJuly 21, 2022

Judge of the upcoming Drag Race Philippines Jiggly Caliente took to Twitter on Wednesday, July 20 to air her sentiment following the whims of audiences to have Manila Luzon as one of the show’s judges.

Earlier this month, the show announced Paolo Ballesteros as its host. Celebrity impersonator KaladKaren was recently revealed to be judging the competition along with Caliente.

“I understand you wanted @manilaluzon to be in my place. She has her own show coming soon where you can support, love n glorify her there. Can I just have this moment? I’m not asking for much. I’m not asking you to accept the inevitable that I’m the judge on Drag Race Philippines,” she wrote.

Manila Luzon will be judging Drag Den, another drag competition.

Caliente also explained in another tweet that there should not be any competition between the two shows as they can “coexist with no drama.”

Meanwhile, some supporters defended the drag queen.

A netizen even argued that Manila should not be glorified as the “end-all-be-all of Filipina Drag Race representation” since there were “other Filipina Drag Race contestants” who have been representing the country.

One even clapped back against these haters, calling them hypocrites.

Another said that Drag Race Philippines is “FILIPINA POWER.”

Direk Rod Singh also congratulated KaladKaren as she judges Drag Race Philippines together with Caliente.

Jiggly Caliente, whose real name is Bianca Castro, was a contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 where she placed eighth overall. She began her acting career appearing in the season-two finale of Broad City and was in the pilot episode of Search Party.

In the season finale episode of Playing House, Caliente also played a part along with fellow Drag Race alumni, Bob The Drag Queen, Katya, and Detox.

She was also part of the series Pose and will reprise her role as Veronica for the show’s second season.

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