Angelica Panganiban rants about “awful” experience on a Red Cross swabbing center in Subic; Darryl Yap reacts


May 25, 2021

Actress Angelica Panganiban on Twitter fumed about the queuing in a Philippine Red Cross (PCR) swabbing facility in Subic.

Panganiban shared her experience in a tweet earlier this Tuesday, May 25. The actress and her company waited for over an hour to have themselves tested for coronavirus. However, she claimed that the line for the test was not followed as other late-comers were prioritized.

The tweet was then followed by Panganiban sharing how they were ignored by the PCR staff.

Panganiban then revealed how the non-profit organization mistakenly identified her as a Covid-19 positive when in fact she was not. The actress also revealed that the tests conducted in Olongapo City by the PCR all resulted in positive for coronavirus.

A Netizen tweeted an explanation from one of the nurses stationed in PCR Subic. According to one of the staff, despite not due for that day’s test, the actress and her company were still accommodated by the swabbing facility. The nurse also pleaded to the actress to refrain from treating them with disrespect.

Another staff of the swabbing facility also aired his opinion towards the behavior of Panganiban. He said that the actress should be grateful that they were tested notwithstanding the fact that they do not have an appointment for swabbing.

In the following tweet, the staff pointed that the people who were tested before Panganiban was sick, with one actually being carried in an ambulance. He also shared the actress, who is not part of the priority list, was tested by him in their car.

And to end his tweet, he suggested that the actress should personally experience waiting in line, and with an appointment, in the swabbing facility to avoid any hassle. He even shared a photo of him and Panganiban where he thought that the actress was happy that she got tested.

This rant of Panganiban drew flak from netizens as it was found out that the actress did not schedule an appointment with PCR, who was catering to other clients in the testing center.

Meanwhile, a netizen refuted Panganiban’s “awful” experience since she testified that the PRC’s branch in Subic was among the “reliable molecular labs” in Zambales. She also stressed that the actress should not use her status as a celebrity to inflict damage to an institution such as the Red Cross.

Also, the netizen suggested that if there is indeed a “cutting of the line”, Panganiban should not take it to social media and instead file a formal complaint.

Meanwhile, film director Darryl Yap on his Facebook, expressed his disappointment not with Panganiban, but with the PRC Subic since they let celebrities get tested inside the comforts of their vehicles while he, a resident of that area, endures waiting at the tents.


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