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‘Blessed’ Yassi Pressman, set to star in an upcoming Viva film shortly after hosting ‘Rolling In It PH’

LionhearTVAugust 27, 2021

Actress Yassi Pressman is truly blessed amid the pandemic by having project after project, including an upcoming film under Viva, announced via a press conference, August 23.

Pressman just finished hosting her first-ever game show, Rolling In It Philippines, and is eager for more. However, she is now preparing for a Filipino adaptation of the hit Korean film, More Than Blue alongside JC Santos and Marco Gumabao.

“We’re gonna do a movie first More than Blue. It’s a Korean adaptation and I’m very excited to do that with JC Santos and Marco Gumabao soon, very very soon. So ‘yun muna,” she said.

The actress did not reveal when the movie’s production will start since there is the ever-present threat of the novel coronavirus.

“Soon na po yata. Hopefully after ECQ this year. Malapit na po,” she hoped.

The actress then expressed her excitement to start shooting the scenes for her movie. After reading its script, Pressman could only describe it as “beautiful.”

“I read the script many times na po and every time I cry. Every time. I feel what the character is feeling. I feel for the different characters as well.

“Mayro’n po silang pag-ibig na kakaiba dahil it’s very complicated.

“I’m so honored to have been chosen to be the one to play this character kaya I’m so excited po talaga,” she continued.

Rolling In It Philippines

Rolling In It Philippines is a luck-based game show on TV5 in which contestants have the chance to win up to P2,000,000.

Recalling her first hosting experience was, the actress revealed she almost rejected the offer to host the show because of her shyness.

“I almost said no because I’m shy pero I had so much fun on that show.

“I had an amazing staff, and very open to regular contestants to share their stories with us,” she remembered.

When handling criticism since it was her first hosting gig, Pressman said she do not spend time on social media to see negative comments about her hosting skill. However, the actress admitted she was lucky to have Direk Bobet Vidanes guide her throughout the show.

“Direk Bobet told me to speak slower and feel the moments more kasi sometimes, I get shy or nahihiya ako na ibabad ‘yung moment or sa reaksyon ko or my opinion.

“And he just told me to say what you’re feeling, open up your heart to them and listen to them.”

But the actress enjoyed hosting so much that she is interested to host another show if given the chance.

“For hosting, I love hosting so much because I had so much fun.

“I hope I can do another one and I heard a couple of concepts and I need to think about it first and we have to figure out the schedule. So I’m open to exploring where hosting brings me,” she revealed.

When asked how is her experience transitioning from acting to hosting, the actress answered, “The transition to hosting was really fun.”

Busy with the business

Aside from her upcoming Viva film, Pressman is also busy with her oral hygiene company, Wavee, which is one of the reasons she flew to the States.

“I went to the States for a lot of different meetings and most of those meetings are for my oral hygiene company Wavee.

“We have our products there so we’re selling in the States and in Canada. And we successfully found more partners so I’m very excited about that,” revealed the actress.

The actress also brought her sister, Issa Pressman to America to have some ‘quality time’.

“…sinama ko na ‘yong kapatid ko para magkaro’n kami ng time together. We saw a lot of friends, we had a lot of fun. Nakapag-explore din kami,” she stated.

Yassi and Dame

The actress also had the opportunity to explain how she and NBA Superstar Damian Lillard knew each other.

According to her, the athlete donated money to help the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) after it burned down.

“Matagal na kaming magkaibigan ni Dame. And I called him no’ng nalaman ko ‘yung nangyari sa PGH dahil alam ko isa s’ya sa mga tao na laging tumutulong sa lahat ng mga charities.

“In fact, when I called him for PGH, sabi ko lang na ‘Hi Dame there was a fire, I want to help them, you want to help?’ And he said ‘No problem.’ Right there and then nagbigay s’ya,” explained Pressman.

Managing time

Of all the things she is doing right now, Pressman could not help but admit she is a bit overwhelmed.

“Mahirap po. Nahihirapan po ako lagi.”

However, she has a technique called ‘time block’, which refers to managing time efficiently.

“As long as I get to manage my time and give myself also what I need bilang tao lang—pahinga, spending time with my dogs, or spending time with my family, I feel full and accomplished.

“So minsan kahit mahirap, ‘pag ‘di mas’yadong masaya or ‘pag sad, I just try to keep myself busy,” she revealed.

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