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Iwa Moto reacts to current Darna-Valentina trend

LionhearTVNovember 20, 2022

Former Kapuso star Iwa Moto shared her take on the current Darna-Valentina trend.

Moto played the role of Valentina in GMA Network’s Darna series along with Marian Rivera, who played the titular role in 2009.

In a Tiktok video that she uploaded on October 24, Moto was made to react to the current Darna-Valentina trend.

“Bilang usong-uso si Darna ngayon, at si Valentina… and I am not gonna compare my Darna days, or other Darnas from the past because I believe na lahat ng Darna, lahat ng Valentina, they are doing a great job para sa akin, walang makikialam naintindihan nyo?”

Moto also shared her experience during her time as Valentina. According to her, she used to wear live snakes on her head to make her character more realistic.

“Isa sa mga unforgettable days ko, during Darna days ko was, I am actually dealing with real snakes… Yung snakes ko sa ulo, half of them are real snakes then half of them are fake.”

She also recounted her experience lying in a grave with numerous snakes above her.

“Meron pa kong hindi makakalimutan… yung namatay ako and they have to revive me. So naghukay sila tapos pinahiga nila ako don. Pagkatapos nila ako pahigain dun, nilagyan ako ng napakaraming ahas.”

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