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Janelle Tee reveals she received an inappropriate offer from a person she knew

LionhearTVSeptember 10, 2022

On September 1, beauty queen and Viva star Janelle Tee revealed she received an inappropriate offer from someone she knew. 

At the media conference for An/Na with the press, including LionhearTV, Tee said that the person, which remained nameless, told her, ‘name your price.’

“‘Name your price,’ ‘name your price’ talagang ganon, but it wasn’t like–it’s funny kasi kilala ko ‘yung nag-offer noon, but it’s something that I didn’t take seriously, I think that’s how you handle offers like that. Of course, you show them na hindi ka ganon. And at the same time, you really don’t take that seriously and shrug it off because those offers will always be there whether you’re a beauty queen or not. Even sa work place nga di ba? Kahit saan ka man nangyayari ‘yun.”

As for her career, Tee highlighted that she wanted to do more projects in the future, including hosting a show.

“Madami pa, I think your goals would never end naman. Sa pelikula, marami pa akong gustong gawin na pelikula, I’m just happy that I’m already starting as an actress already. And, marami pa rin akong dreams as a host as well. 

“I’ve told Direk Joey na someday I hope I get to host my own show, I’ve always wanted to be ano kasi, I just don’t want to be stuck lang, now it’s just acting that I’m enjoying. But I want to be a host, I want to– I love to dance as well. So parang kung ano ‘yung kaya, kumbaga pinasok ko ‘tong industriyang ‘to so ano ba ‘yung kaya nating i-offer at ibigay. Di ba? I-ano natin gawin na natin.”

She then talked about how she related to her character in their upcoming Vivamax movie, An/Na.

“I’m just grateful na inallow ako ni Direk na speak in Bisaya, and ‘yung pagiging breadwinner nga, just like what I’ve said earlier because that’s something I could relate to as Anna. So in terms, of immersion, na-eexperience ko na kasi in life, because I myself is a breadwinner of the family. So in that sense, it comes innate sa akin ‘yung pag-aalala sa pamilya, napre-pressure ka kapag nanghihingi sila pera, tumatawag sila sayo. 

“So ayun, but as much as possible, I’d like to always talk to people, aside from my own experience, kumbaga karga mo na ‘yun. But masarap din magkaraoon pa ng perspective ng ibang tao.”

Janelle Tee starred in Vivamax movies such as Putahe, The Escort Wife, Pusoy, and Secrets.

As for her latest project, Tee stars in the upcoming vivamax series An/Na alongside Rob Guinto, Migs Almendras, Nico Locco, Fabio Ide, Micaela Raz, Greg Hawkins, CJ Jaravata, Azi Acosta, Axel Torres, and Guji Laranzana.

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