Kobie Brown experienced sleep paralysis, also found love in his ‘PBB: Connect’ stint

LionhearTVJune 24, 2021

PBB: Connect third big placer Kobie Brown did not expect to get paralyzed while being asleep during his stay in the reality TV show house.

It was during violation week on February 19, 2021, where the housemates committed 56 violations. As punishment, Kuya took 56 items in the housemates’ lives. One of those things were the pillows.

“Bad memory is probably the violation week. Walang unan! The first night when I slept without a pillow, I got sleep paralysis,” shared Kobie during an interview with LionhearTV.

Sleep paralysis is a state, during waking up or falling asleep, where a person is aware of the surroundings but is unable to move or speak. During such an episode, the individual may experience hallucinations.

Brown also revealed that he experienced ‘horror’ as a result of a pillow-less sleep.

“I had this nightmare. I walked outside my room and saw little girls dancing around in a circle in the living room area. Someone pats my back, and it’s a 7-foot black figure telling me to come inside the boy’s room. And when I woke up, I saw it in the corner of the room,” he narrated.

He may have found the ‘terror of sleep paralysis,’ yet also found love in the process. 

Since Kobie is courting fellow housemate and second big placer Andrea Abaya, the 18-year-old reality TV star reminisced how he found love at Kuya’s house.

It was during Valentine’s Day when Brown knew that he is falling for Abaya.

“The moment where I knew was Valentine��s Day. Kasi we had a dance together and gave her a letter. And I just looked her in the eyes and I was like, ‘You know you’re so beautiful’.

“Inisip ko na I have never been this confident and never looked a girl in the eyes before. And I have never been so comfortable with a person in my life. I don’t care whoever who is watching us like dance or do something. Because she makes me so happy. I could dance with her in front of the whole wide world and I would not care,” he confidently professed.

That is why he will never forget that day when he finally discovered love.

“I will never forget Valentine’s Day. Kasi there was so much love on that day. I never had a Valentine’s Day like that before,” he said.

Both Brown and Abaya are now part of ABS-CBN’s newest teen barkada, The Squad Plus. Fans can get to know more about them through their vlogs and games uploaded in the Squadmates’ YouTube channel.

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