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Here is how prominent personalities respond to Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal to ban Korean dramas

LionhearTVOctober 22, 2022

The senator’s proposed banning of Korean drama in the country earned flak, not just from ordinary Filipinos but also from his colleagues and showbiz industry people.

Jinggoy Estrada was criticized for his statement about banning Korean dramas in the country. This was not just by his colleagues in the political arena, but also by netizens and showbiz personalities.

Estrada said, “Ang aking obserbasyon, pag patuloy tayo nagpapalabas ng Korean telenovela, ang hinahangaan ng ating mga kababayan ay itong mga Koreano; at nawawalan ng trabaho at kita ‘yung ating mga artistang Pilipino.”

Several studies suggest that Filipinos are among the biggest consumers of Korean content outside of Korea.

While he received backing from some of his colleagues in the Senate, particularly from the newbie senator Robin Padilla, Estrada confronted disapproval from many prominent personalities.

Human rights advocate and lawyer, Jose Manuel Tadeo ” Chel ” Icasiano Diokno posted a photo on Twitter featuring the Korean actor, Kim Seon-ho. The tweet stated, “Problema ng Pilipinas pero K-Drama ang kinakalaban.

The tweet appears to poke fun at Congress’ misplaced priorities amid more pressing economic and social issues.

Former senator and 2022 presidential candidate, Ping Lacson, compared Estrada’s proposal to dragging someone better down, because of envy.

He tweeted,Banning Korean telenovela in Ph: dragging down a better person is the worst kind of envy.” 

Meanwhile, Don Kein Hapal gave his suggestions that may help revitalize the local entertainment industry, “Or maybe invest more in film and culture? Help struggling artists and media workers? Give artists access to quality training and education. Or at least do not arbitrarily shut down privately owned networks that actually try to innovate!?!?

‘Parokya Ni Edgar’ frontman Chito Miranda earned the approval of netizens who sided with his thoughts on the issue.

Miranda tweeted, “Targeting foreign shows or acts is not the solution for the lack of support towards local shows and artists. Coming up with better shows and songs is. As artists, kelangan lang natin galingan mas lalo para sabay tayo sa foreign acts. “Earn” the support. Di pwedeng sapilitan.

In an interview with TV Patrol, award-winning actor and Kapamilya star, John Arcilla, also shared his two cents about Estrada’s statement saying that the situation is already global and banning it is not the right move to do at this point. Arcilla added, “Korean stories and teledramas are not just celebrated in the Philippines, but almost all over the globe. And kagaya din nila, ang ating mga contents and ating films are being celebrated in festivals all over the world.”

Former Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Liza Diño, and National Artist and renowned film writer Ricardo Lee, shared similar points about the issue.

Lee stated that this is not a fight between Pinoys and Koreans; the bottom line is how we can have stronger support for the industry in terms of tax relief and financial incentives to give a better platform for filmmakers. Diño seconded Lee’s arguments stating that the main challenge of the local entertainment industry is substantial funding from the government and the private sector.

Senator Estrada clarified that he does not intend to ban Korean dramas in the Philippines. He argued he was just frustrated over the apparent lack of support for Filipino content.

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