Dina Bonnevie reveals reason why she refrains from giving acting tips to co-workers

DailypediaAugust 29, 2021

There is a reason why Dina Bonnevie no longer gives acting tips to fellow artists.

In a media conference, she shared how an experience prevents her from coaching co-workers on set.

Aside from being shy, a director in a previous project scolded Bonnevie after she gave an actress tips on how to cry.

“I’m a little bit shy to give them tips unless they ask me.

“Once ko lang ginawa na meron akong kaeksena tapos hindi siya makaiyak. Sabi ko sakanya ‘Look at me.’

“I was giving her tips on how to cry. Biglang pumunta yung director saamin sabi niya ‘Shut up! You’re not the director. You have no right to direct that woman. I am the director, she should ask me. Step aside.’

“So magmula ‘nun natakot na ako na magbigay ng kahit na anong tips.” she shared.

And most recently, a co-actress also shouted at her for doing the exact same thing.

“Sinigawan niya ako ng ‘Don’t talk to me as if I don’t know what I’m doing.

“Mula ‘nun, ayaw ko na magturo, ayaw ko na mag comment unless lumapit saakin ang sabihing can you teach me.” she said.

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