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Zeinab Harake trends on Twitter after Wilbert Tolentino’s revelations against the social media influencer

LionhearTVOctober 24, 2022

The talent manager and entrepreneur posted online the screenshots of DMs that showed Harake’s alleged statements against other social media influencers.

Ruckus kept social media abuzz on October 23 (and the day after) when entrepreneur and talent manager Wilbert Tolentino posted screenshots of his conversation with social media star Zeinab Harake. 

The messages may be detrimental to Harake’s career, as it contained statements against other social media personalities, including Jelai Andres, Toni Fowler, Sachzna Laparan, and Whamos Cruz.

Both ‘Zeinab’ and ‘Wilbert’ hit the local top trending chart as netizens went to full ‘Marites’ mode. The other influencers who got dragged into the issue notably went live on Facebook to speak their piece over Harake’s allegations, igniting social media discussions.

According to Tolentino, who went live on Facebook on the night of October 23, to shed light upon some issues involving his relationship with Harake, whom he described as his ‘former mentor’ in vlogging.

Tolentino said he felt the need to speak up after Zeinab’s accusations on him, which made him the subject of netizens’ trolling. He shared how his working relationship with Harake started and how she helped a lot in building his own social media following.

He also revealed how Harake tried to discourage him from collaborating with other social media influencers by sharing unflattering comments about them, and he claimed were all lies.

Other names Tolentino mentioned included Alex Gonzaga, Madam Inutz, Hipon Girl, Sanya Lopez, Robi Domingo, Ivana Alawi, and JaMill.

“Kung ako ay sarado ang utak ko, at talagang nakafocus lang ako sa lahat ng demands niya, until now tuta pa rin ako ni Zeb.

“(If I chose to be close-minded and focused only on what she wished me to do, I could still be her slave),” revealed Tolentino on his live.

Hhe went on to detail Harake’s alleged backstabbing-spree against other social media personalities.

Tolentino’s revelations spawned various hate comments against Harake from netizens, but it also produced sympathetic and neutral sentiments, as well.

I can’t with these “Wilbert handled it very well..” Dude no. He exposed Zeinab via private dms. Cropped, screen shot private dms that made her look bad. Not in favor of anyone but omygosh. I don’t want my closest friends doing this to me. So no imo he didn’t handle it very well,” tweeted one netizen who seemed to be not pleased with Tolentino’s sympathizers.

Another netizen shared how she is not okay with how Tolentino handled his rift with Harake.

“I’m not picking Zeinab’s side but she trusted Wilbert before as her friend and he’s not supposed to used Zeinab’s secret against her just because they’re not in good terms. Yes, he has every right to be mad pero it’s unacceptable,” her tweet reads.

Another netizen, meanwhile, gave props to the talent manager-entrepreneur, for, as she claimed, “The way Wilbert explained everything speaks maturity. Kung titingnan mo talaga without bias, you could say he only speak for his truth and hindi para siraan si Zeinab. On the other side, you can see how defensive Zeinab is HAHAHAHA.”

A netizen expressed how he wants to understand both parties by not picking any side. “this z and wil issue simply tells us that we should not trust anyone, no one! I am not against sir wil but exposing your dm’s is so high school, meanwhile yes zeinab may have backstab or utter ngative things abt those ppl but i still don’t think that’s enough reason to be vulgar, ” his teweet reads.

With many of the involved social media stars going live after Tolentino’s revelations, it seemed that Harake has more explaining to do the moment she goes live on social media.

Let’s wait for this social media riot further unfolds.

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