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Bela Padilla reveals her immediate acceptance of her role in ‘Spellbound’ due to Son Ye-jin

LionhearTVJanuary 19, 2023

On January 13, actress Bela Padilla revealed she immediately accepted her role in Spellbound because of South Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

At the media conference for the upcoming Viva Films adaptation Spellbound, which LionhearTV covered, Padilla said she considered taking on a previous role of Ye-jin as one of her bucket lists as an actress.

“Son Ye-jin has always been one of my favorite actresses. May ginawa siyang movie na about– parang mayroon siyang dementia, na favorite na favorite ko. I watched it in High School ata. So, when Boss Vincent told me that there was an adaptation that I could do and that Son Ye-jin was the original cast, I said yes right away.”

She then discussed what she loved about Ye-jin’s acting talent.

“I think one of the reasons why I love Son Ye-jin so much is because she’s so natural, like when she’s acting, para kang kilala mo siya, para kayong magkaibigan. That’s my favorite part– her face is so open, she’s so transparent, parang she doesn’t have to do much to make you feel a lot. I hope my portrayal is somewhat similar.”

She then shared her experience with the Filipino adaptation of Miracle in Cell No. 7.

“Siyempre, like kunwari for Miracle in Cell No 7– I played a character that Park Shin-Hye. She’s also one of my favorite Korean actresses, so feeling ko– I’m ticking off a bucket list. I guess, in a way, similarities with people I love and look up to, and I’m very excited to say yes to this movie.”

The film also features a Viva cast composed of Rhen Escaño, Cindy Miranda, Benj Manalo, Ronnie Liang, and Moi Bien.

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