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TV executive slams bashers who called the ‘Darna’ series a “flop”

LionhearTVNovember 9, 2022

JRB Productions head Julie Anne Benitez slammed Darna critics who claimed the show was a flop.

JRB Productions is one of the Darna series’ production companies.

Darna, the Kapamilya action-hero series, remained unstable and struggled in the rating game.

Some netizens then claimed that the series was a flop, while others claimed that it simply lost focus on its lead star, Jane De Leon.  On Twitter, one netizen said that Darna focused more on the second lead who is Joshua Garcia.

On October 29, Benitez then said that Garcia’s character is a vital part of the series.

The Production head expressed, “Is this kind of language permitted in Twitter?… Joshua’s character is very integral in our story….so many good feedbacks about his character… please say in a respectful manner. God bless you, my dear!” 

She then responded to another basher who called Darna a flop saying, “If Darna is a flop, why are you watching? Anyway, bashers are welcome, dagdag twts and views. Please, magtawag ka pa. God bless you, my dear!”

Based on the reports from AGB Nielsen NUTAM People’s data on September 19, Darna scored a rating of 7.8% placing it in the 6th spot on the rating board.  Darna‘s ratings continued to drop, decreasing by 0.2% from 7.3% on Wednesday, September 21.

It however bounced back on Thursday, September 22, gained 0.5% at 7.8%, and climbed to the number 5 spot.

On the other hand, the series is doing fairly well online. Its live concurrent views can reach from 150 thousand to 300 thousand.

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