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Two ‘Mariteses’ Cristy Fermin, Lolit Solis struggle with their health

LionhearTVSeptember 3, 2022

Two of the top ‘Mariteses’ in the Philippines Cristy Fermin and Lolit Solis are currently struggling with their health.

Cristy Fermin hosts her radio and online show Cristy Ferminute, which updates about the latest showbiz happenings. She was away from her program for almost two weeks as she had her polyp throat surgery on August 15 at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City.

According to, the said surgery entails the removal of noncancerous growths like vocal cord nodules, vocal cord cysts, and vocal cord polyps in one’s vocal cords. These bumps, like calluses can cause a raspy, breathy, or hoarse voice.

After resting for about two weeks, Fermin returned to her online show on August 29.

In her Instagram update on August 26, the entertainment columnist talked about her struggle with her dialysis.

“Nasa dialysis chair na naman ako Salve. Apat na oras na naman ako mag people watching, observing mga dialysis patients like me.”

She said that other people like her who are also receiving dialysis seemed hopeful about their condition while she remains in despair.

“Naku, talaga lang siguro likas ang pagka maldita ko, kaya hindi ko ma feel iyon hope na iyon.Para sa akin, kung gagaling ka, tiyak na gagaling ka.

“Hay naku, kaya nga iyon 4 na oras ko dito sa dialysis talagang dusa. Kung anuano talaga pumapasok sa utak ko. Kaya dapat, matapos na ito or else , suko na ako, huh huh huh.”

However, Fermin left the show in March 2022 after admitting that she was no longer happy being on the show.

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