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Filipinos are loving the Tagalog versions of Disney’s ‘Encanto’ songs

Coconuts ManilaNovember 17, 2022

Remember when Filipinos watched Disney’s Encanto and found it extra relatable despite it being set in Colombia?

Viewers here fell in love with it so much that some fans even took to creating their own dream cast for a local adaptation, including Olympic weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz who was practically a dead-ringer for Luisa Madrigal when she cosplayed as the character.

With Disney+ finally on Philippine shores, the House of Mouse wasted no time in dropping official Filipino versions of some of Encanto’s most beloved songs, sending Pinoy Disney fans into a tailspin.

Disney Asia released Filipino versions on YouTube of songs such as The Family Madrigal, Waiting on a Miracle, Surface Pressure, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, What Else Can I Do, and All of You.

And while tapping local artists to cover Disney songs for promotional material isn’t new, these local versions have mostly been in English — and fans have gotten a kick out of hearing our language in familiar tunes.

Viewers mainly praised the Tagalog translation, which perfectly captured the language’s nuances, as well as the voice talents.

“The voices are so on point! I love it,” one commenter wrote.

“The translations are so impressive! We’ve waited for this for a long time, thank you,” another said.

“Isabella’s voice is so on point! They did a good job and totally exceeded my expectations,” one praised.

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