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Barbie Forteza, impressed viewers with her acting in ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’

LionhearTVOctober 5, 2022

Barbie Forteza’s acting in the historical-portal fantasy series Maria Clara at Ibarra received praises.

On October 3, netizens commended Forteza’s performance in its pilot episode.

“GMA really has good drama concepts. And Maria Clara at Ibarra is one of them. It’s my first time watching an ep from a Pinoy drama w/o using my phone haha kinaya ng attention span ko. I hope they maintain the good storytelling though. Plus, ang galing at natural umacting ni Barbie Forteza!” @ddungiee posted.

“Barbie Forteza is a great actress, but some of you can’t accept this fact. Since she was still young, all her teleseryes were superb and commendable!!! Ang galing niya! Period!” @melowsjames stated.

“People be acting like it’s the first time they saw Barbie Forteza act. Matagal na siyang magaling. She even got an international acting award in her bag. Seems like she finally got the right material for her. I’m happy she’s finally getting her flowers,” @mhargzmontemang captioned.

“First episode pa lang but it tackles a wide range of issues like domestic abuse, childhood trauma, poverty, and the mundane experiences of every student. Kudos to Barbie Forteza, she is really a versatile and underrated actress. This is promising!” @JongdaeLex shared.

“Never liked Barbie Forteza before because I was always a kapamilya pero now after watching mcai, I’m starting to like her. Grabe yung acting, jusko very commendable huhu,” @zariyahxlxriego posted.

“Yes gurl, Barbie Forteza, go get that recognition from casuals, ilang araw ka nang pinag-uusapan dito sa twitter. The deservability! The relevancy! And the talent!” @enpimy said.

Maria Clara at Ibarra follows the story of Klay, portrayed by Forteza, a nursing student excited to leave the country to work abroad.

One day, Klay will find herself in the world of Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. She will meet Maria Clara, Ibarra, and other characters in the novel by Jose Rizal.

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