‘EssentialStar KIMCHIU’ trends as fans expressed their appreciation for the Kapamilya actress

LionhearTVSeptember 26, 2021

EssentialStar KIMCHIU trended online as netizens posted their appreciation for the Kapamilya actress. They said that the actress is vital in the noontime show It’s Showtime and should not be booted out.

Recently, rumors spread that Chiu lost her hosting stint on It’s Showtime after the Madlang Pipol (the viewers) noticed her absence in her usual segments during the first week of September.

Although the actress already denied the rumors, some netizens shared that it is just right for her to be removed because of her hosting blunders.

However, an article by Dailypedia noted that Kim Chui is an ‘essential star’ that should not be removed from the noontime show.

Despite her blunders, the actress was able to surpass all the negative comments about her as she is a ‘natural comic figure.’

This made the term “EssentialStar KIMCHIU” trend online as netizens also agreed that the actress plays an important role on It’s Showtime.

The term reached the 26th spot in the twitter Philippines trending topics.

One netizen asserted Chiu’s relevance as her beauty and talent can still keep with the rising stars in the industry.

“Lumalaban si kim chiu kahit maraming kpop ang pumapasok! mala kpop naman ang beauty at talent ni @prinsesachinita kaya pasok pa rin haha,” said the netizen.

Another netizen got quoted, “Chiu seems to surpass all the negative impressions she makes every time she causes a new blunder. She’s a NATURAL COMIC FIGURE..”

Other netizens also expressed their appreciation for the Kapamilya actress using the phrase “EssentialStar KIMCHIU.”

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