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Dennis Trillo trends for his portrayal of Ibarra

LionhearTVJanuary 5, 2023

Dennis Trillo became trending on social media platforms for his portrayal as Ibarra in GMA’s television drama fantasy series titled Maria Clara at Ibarra.

On January 4, Netizens lauded Trillo’s performance in the said series.

“Dennis Trillo. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #MCIPagkadurog,” Barbie Forteza tweeted.

“THE Dennis Trillo everyone! Grabe hindi ko inexpect ang scene na ito, Crisostomo Ibarra suddenly showing the Simoun in him. Napakagaling. I’m speechless. #MCIPagkadurog #MariaClaraAtIbarra,” adikthing posted.

“Dennis Trillo never fails to amaze us. My jaw dropped at this scene. My heart shattered into pieces. His character as Ibarra made me forget he is Dennis Trillo. It’s insane. #MCIPagkadurog,” merl_gb shared.

“Dennis Trillo is our Crisostomo Ibarra 😭😭😭 like how John Arcilla is our Heneral Luna level. #MCIPagkadurog #MariaClaraAtIbarra #DennisTriilo,” tamtamtami16 stated.

“Who is dubbed as GMA’s Drama King again? Your best actor, not only in MCI, not in GMA but in the entertainment industry. The Dennis Trillo, your Crisostomo Ibarra. This is his episode. He owned. He swallowed us all. #MCIPagkadurog #MariaClaraAtIbarra,” fidelitism captioned.

In the said episode, Sisa, played by Andrea Torres, was embracing her son’s rotting corpse. Ibarra, portrayed by Trillo, was seen standing in the background, full of emotions.

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