Anji Salvacion, Brent Manalo reminisce their favorite moments in the new music video ‘COY’ (Cuz of You) - TrueID

Anji Salvacion, Brent Manalo reminisce their favorite moments in the new music video ‘COY’ (Cuz of You)

LionhearTVOctober 24, 2022

In a Zoom presser on October 17, Kapamilya stars Anji Salvacion and Brent Manalo expressed how happy they are to work together in the new music video COY (Cuz of You), a collaboration between Kyla (Alvarez) and Brian McKnight Jr.

Written by American artist McKnight Jr., COY (Cuz of You) describes the experience of dating someone and hoping you will be with that person for a long time, despite the distance.

“Brent and I, it’s our first music video together and I just feel so blessed and honored because Tarsier Records trusted us to star in the music video. These are big artists like Sir Brian and ate Kyla, which is huge. I’m just so grateful to be part of their work,” said Salvacion.

The charming vocals of Alvarez and McKnight Jr. complemented the chemistry that Salvacion and Manalo managed to pull off in the music video, gathering various comments on how sweet and nostalgic the listening experience was.

Manalo shared, “It was such a huge honor to do this for Ms. Kyla and Sir Brian. I’ve always been an avid fan. I listen to their music all the time.”

The Kapamilya stars also mentioned their favorite moments in the music video. For Salvacion, it’s the eating part and for Manalo, it was the slow dance.

“We were laughing when we were doing the slow dance,” he revealed.

Both Salvacion and Manalo also said that everything was well taken care of during the shot, and the vibe was light because everyone was just enjoying and having fun.

Before leaving the press con, the young stars completed the fill-in-the-blanks question.

“Anji, Cuz of You, I always had fun every time we got to work together,” he managed to impress with his chosen words.

“Brent, Cuz of You, you make everything comfortable for me,” she responded.

Produced by Tarsier Records, COY (Cuz of You) was released on Friday, October 14, and now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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