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Apart from Park Eun-Bin, WIDE International Founders revealed the lineup of South Korean celebrity endorsers for Aromagicare

LionhearTVOctober 17, 2022

WIDE International Founders April Ann Martin and Ms. Pauline Mae Publico revealed on October 10, that apart from Park Eun-Bin, they lined up South Korean stars as endorsers for 2023.

During the media conference for WIDE International Film Productions with the press, including LionhearTV, Martin confirmed they have four to five South Korean stars lined up for next year.

“Park-Eun Bin /is not going to/ be the only Korean endorser of the company. She will be the first, but she will not be the only one because we have around four to five Korean endorsers lined up this coming year.”

Publico recounted how they got Park-Eun Bin signed as an endorser for Aromagicare.

“Aside from the fact that Park Eun-Bin, actually captured our hearts, our minds, di ba? We watched Attorney Woo on Netflix. Aside from that reason– nakita kasi namin, aligned ‘yung–mayroong alignment of character and reputation si Park Eun-Bin with the brand. 

“Kasi alam po natin lahat na ang Korean stars nowadays medyo mahilig po talaga, tinatanggap po talaga ng lahat ng audience natin sa Pilipinas, so noong naging interested kami sa kaniya, kinontact na namin siya agad.”

She added that Park Eun-Bin had been an existing partner before she signed as an endorser of their product.

“Existing partner na namin siya actually, pero sa ibang venture namin siya partner. Pero matagal na niya kaming sinasabihan na you could contact us kung gusto ninyo ng stars or Hollywood or kahit sa Korea, so mayroon na talaga sila doong contact na ginagawa na talaga nila doon. Business na nila talaga ‘yun ever since. 

“So fortunately, nag-contact kami– actually August lang noong naging interested kami kay Park Eun-Bin, and within or less than two months she said yes and now ka-partner na namin, ang first ever Korean endorser ng Aromagicare.”

Martin disclosed plans for the Korean star for her visit to the Philippines.

“Definitely, she will be meeting us this month, actually. So we cannot just take–because she has a fan tour, Asian tour, that’s her specific–Asian countries siya pupunta. Pero part of that is ‘yun, ‘yung meet and greet namin sa kaniya, photoshoot, and of course, hindi lang namin sasabihin ‘yung date and venue, but it’s a big venue, Park Eun-Bin, having a back-to-back concert or of course– fan meet or concert, with our own celebrity partners here.”


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