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Woman accuses psychic Rudy Baldwin of fraud on Raffy Tulfo’s program

DailypediaAugust 21, 2021

A woman has accused self-proclaimed psychic Rudy Baldwin of fraud after the latter gave her wrong predictions.

Solen Itaya, currently living in Japan, went on Raffy Tulfo’s Wanted sa Radyo and detailed how Baldwin allegedly swindled her.

Baldwin ordered her to message his many social media accounts before he displayed his expertise. According to Itaya, Baldwin controlled the accounts ‘Roben Mascardo,’ ‘Win Balbe,’ ‘Baron Bal,’ and two others.

The reason for this is that the accounts were clogged with messages, she recalled the psychic telling her.

She first asked if her mother was going to be okay in the Philippines amid the pandemic.

“Last year gusto ko sana makuha yung nanay ko. Gusto ko siya mapunta rito sa Japan para malibre siya sa pagpapagamot.” Itaya said

“Kung magiging okay yung nanay ko sa Pilipinas kasi pandemic.”

Baldwin then said she has nothing to worry about because her mother will reach 125 years old before expiring.

“Sinagot niya ako na ‘Wag ka magalala sa nanay mo aabutin yan ng 125 years.'”

She told her that all Itaya has to do is, advise her mother not to go so much outside.

“Sabi niya ‘Sabihin mo sa nanay mo wag ka maglalabas.'”

Another prediction she got wrong was Itaya’s new grandchild being a girl.

After she gave her vision, Itaya bought girl clothes for babies only to find out that the grandchild was another boy.

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