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Kyla, grateful to work with Brian McKnight Sr. and his son

LionhearTVOctober 25, 2022

On October 17, the Queen of Philippine R&B, Kyla, shared in a Zoom press con that it’s been two different yet great experiences to have worked with the ’90s R&B legend Brian McKnight and his son, Junior.

“You can’t really compare them with each other ‘cause they’re both really great vocalists and songwriters. I look up so much to Brian McKnight. He’s one of the vocalists I grew up listening to,” said the Filipina R&B artist.

She met The Grammy-nominated McKnight Sr. on Twitter when she covered the song Home. From there, she asked him to write a song for her wedding which he did, My Heart.

“I asked him, ”Can you write a song for me?”

He was so generous and so nice, he sent me the song and we recorded it,” she revealed with much gusto.

Now, Alvarez (Kyla’s married last name) has recently collaborated with McKnight Jr. in a divine love song COY (Cuz of You), which was released on Friday by Tarsier Records.

“When they called me, Jonathan said, “You are gonna record a song with Brian McKnight Jr. and I was like, ‘Really? Really?’ I’m just really happy,” she shared.

According to the Filipina singer, McKnight Sr. and his son sound so alike and she cannot really tell them apart, “They’re both great. I can’t tell them apart… I’m just so honored to have been able to work both… I’m so lucky I get to sing with both of them. That’s all I can say.”

COY (Cuz of You) is written by McKnight Jr. and currently streaming on various platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The music video on YT has 62K views so far, featuring Kapamilya talents Anji Salvacion and Brent Manalo.

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