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Celebrities, personalities react to Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal to ban KDrama

DailypediaOctober 20, 2022

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada got slammed by netizens after calling for the banning of Korean dramas in the country as these programs hinder Filipino talents from getting acting roles.

“From what I have observed, we continue to show South Korean television series and that our fellow countrymen idolize Korean actors, while our artists are losing their jobs,” Estrada said in Filipino during the Senate’s budget hearing for the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) on October 18.

“So, sometimes I think of banning these foreign shows so that our own artists should be the ones we are showing instead,” he added.

Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla didn’t agree with Estrada’s proposal since more Filipinos are tuning into Korean programs.

“At the height of the pandemic when most of us were locked in our homes, KDramas and KPop gave many Filipinos hope and inspiration,” Remulla wrote on Twitter. He said, he is a fan himself.

“Koreans also make the top tourist arrivals in the Philippines. They love our country while we love them for their world-class entertainment.

“There are no boundaries in pop culture. Learn and take inspiration from what the Koreans have achieved,” Remulla added.

“The people should be given the freedom to choose which entertainment content they want. There is no need for a ban. What is needed is to think broadly.”

Estrada’s proposal would also ruin Philippine-Korean relations.

Pokwang appreciated that Estrada expressed support for local artists but banning Korean programs doesn’t make much sense.

Chito Miranda’s solution included local artists working harder to make the viewers care more about Filipino products.

Former Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is also a fan of Korean dramas.

Rodrido Duterte’s niece Nuelle Duterte noted that no politician ever proposed banning American programs on Philippine channels.

“We watched American television shows on Philippine channels. Politicians didn’t seem to have a problem with them. It didn’t ‘kill’ the PH entertainment industry,” wrote Nuelle Duterte on Facebook.

“What’s with ex-con Jinggoy’s obsession with Kdramas? Racism? Because it sure isn’t about their concern for the industry. Look how they took ABS-CBN off the air.” she said.

Fans angrily told Estrada to not proceed with whatever he is planning.

“This is the only thing good for our stress and depression. Try watching them then compare so you can see the difference. Have mercy. Don’t touch the things that take away our depression. Don’t force us to watch corny and overacting shows… Please.” one commented.

Some said that Philippine shows take inspiration from Korean dramas.

“Support our own? A lot of television series here are based on KDrama stories,” wrote an Alex Camigla. “What would you like to buy in the market, the original or fake?” she added.

Journalist Raissa Robles shares the same sentiment.

“Jinggoy wants to ban Korean teledramas? But not Hollywood movies?” she wrote.

Estrada clarified on his Facebook page on Wednesday, October 19, “Regarding what I said on Tuesday on foreign-made shows, my statement stems from the frustration that while we are only too eager and willing to celebrate South Korea’s entertainment industry, we have sadly allowed our own to deteriorate because of the lack of support from the moviegoing public.”

“I wish that the zealousness of our kababayans in patronizing foreign artists can be replicated to support our homegrown talents who I strongly believe are likewise world-class.

“I have nothing against South Korea’s successes in the entertainment field and admittedly, we have much to learn from them. But let us not forget the works of our fellow Filipino artists,” Estrada added. “South Korea’s phenomenal success is rooted in their love of country. It is high time that we follow their example and do the same for our own entertainment industry that is at best, barely surviving.”

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