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JRB Productions Head asked netizens to share their thoughts about “Black Darna”

LionhearTVNovember 18, 2022

JRB Productions Head Julie Anne R. Benitez took to Twitter to ask netizens about their take on “Black Darna.”

In her tweet on Sunday, November 13, Benitez said she’s curious as to why people would expect to see Black Darna in the current Darna series.

She wrote, “Curious ako talaga. Bakit ba may mga nag eexpect na magkaroon ng Black Darna? Share your thoughts please.”

Black Darna was first introduced in GMA Network’s Darna TV series in 2005. Katrina Halili played the role of Black Darna, donning the iconic Darna costume in black and gold.

Meanwhile, netizens were divided over the idea of injecting another Black Darna in its latest version with ABS-CBN.

Netizen @reginacult welcomed the idea of adding a Black Darna character to the series, saying, “It’s a common superhero trope po. It also emphasizes the thin line that separates a hero from a villain.”

The netizen added that it would give Jane De Leon the opportunity to showcase her versatility as an actress.

@vanguarjea also agreed, adding that De Leon still has so much to offer when it comes to acting.

@virgo_cancer99 also supported the idea of a Black Darna, even describing how the character would come to life.

While some netizens supported the idea of a Black Darna, others said it wasn’t necessary this time because GMA Network already did it in its Darna series version.

@mr_invested also tweeted the same line of argument.

@autie_pinky also shuts down the idea saying the black or evil twin concept in the superhero series is already passe.

On the other hand, @zynn232 suggested that instead of adding a Black Darna, why not just upgrade Darna’s powers, something that the viewers haven’t seen yet in the previous versions?

Mars Ravelo’s Darna is currently in its second season, which started on Monday, November 14.

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