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Kiko Estrada talks about doing intimate scenes again in upcoming Vivamax movie

LionhearTVOctober 29, 2022

At the media conference for Us X Her, which LionhearTV covered on October 22, Kiko Estrada talked about doing intimate scenes again in his upcoming Vivamax movie.

Estrada clarified that he felt interested in doing good roles even if they would have sexy scenes.

“I’m interested in good roles and nothing that– wala pang hindi maganda ‘yung role na binibigay sa akin, so I’m blessed and honored to, you know, create and have a platform to create. So feeling ko naman, Angeli did a good job. She’s a good actress.”

He then revealed that he accepted the role because of the script.

“I love this project because of the script–when I read the script, I had to call Direk Jules right/ away.”

He also recounted how movie director Jules Katanyag guided him while filming the Vivamax movie.

“And I went there–and we shot it. So I have no idea kung paano ko siya gagawin, but Direk Jules guided me throughout the process, and /everyone in the production was so nice to me. So it was an experience of a lifetime, and I would forever remember this role.

“It’s kind of different, hindi ko siya mare-relate sa iba because parang biglaan siya. So it’s hard to explain.”

He then talked about his role and praised the performances of his co-stars, director, and the production team for the Us X Her.

“I’ve been /blessed with /good roles. And, as I said, the character has been too complex to explain. I’m really sorry if I can’t articulate while I explained myself. It’s really a ‘tour-de-France;’ the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. 

“Everyone in the cast is really /good, Angeli was good, AJ was good, Direk was phenomenal, the script was phenomenal, the production was phenomenal.”

Estrada’s first Vivamax movie was Sitio Diablo, which included explicit sex scenes with AJ Raval.

The cast also features other Viva artists such as Bob Jbeili, Shehyee, and MJ Cayabyab.

Under the direction of Jules Katanyag, Us X Her premieres via Vivamax Plus on November 21 and streams via Vivamax on November 25. 

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