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Netizens roast Ronnie Liang’s self-righteous remarks against adult video workers

LionhearTVNovember 11, 2022

Singer Ronnie Liang got lambasted by netizens following his self-righteous remarks against workers in the adult video industry.

On Thursday, November 10, Liang wrote a lengthy Facebook post about his dissatisfaction with pornographic film offers.

Liang was irritated when he was pressured to do a porn project, claiming that he did not study hard for many years just to show his private parts to the public. He also boasts about his achievements, which include being a reservist in the army, a pilot, and a master’s degree holder.

He said, “I got pissed off and disappointed. 😤 I was offered and urged to do PORN movies…😬 Thanks, but NO thanks po. I did not sacrifice and study hard all these years only to show my private parts in public—Nakakahiya.”

In closing, Liang used the religion card, saying that as a devout Christian, all that he ought to do is for the “honor and glory of God.” Thus, he cannot accept sacrificing his body for the sake of fame and money.  He explained, “Most importantly, please understand that I am a Christian and a follower of Christ. Whatever I have achieved and everything I do is for the honor and glory of God.”

Liang added, “fame and money” are far less important than “Self-respect and respect for his colleagues.

Liang’s post quickly made a buzz on Twitter, with the majority of the netizens slamming the ‘Sing Galing’ judge for his “holier-than-thou” statement against porn actors and sex workers.

Rappler journalist Lian Buan also shared her sentiment, “A simple “no thanks” would have sufficed. No need to be condescending, sex work is work, the jobs that are truly shameful and merits this response are jobs that don’t even require taking off a layer of clothing just saying.”

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