Is Julia Montes in love? The actress shares why she’s so silent about her personal life


July 2, 2021

Actress Julia Montes admits the current status of her heart and explains why she’s so secretive about her relationships and love life.

“Yes,” she confidently answered when asked if she is currently in love. In an interview with MEGA, Montes felt like that bit of her life was a known fact and that she doesn’t want to make it confusing.

“Actually, hindi ko kasi siya sasabihing secret. We just chose this path kasi we both believe na, ‘Ang atin, atin. Pumasok tayo sa trabahong ‘to na magulo. ‘Wag na nating paguluhin pati ‘yung atin.’”

Montes clarified that her choice of being silent about her love life was a unanimous decision by both parties involved. It’s because they believe that if they tell people too much information, others can possibly ruin it.

However, she did admit that one of the reasons why she kept silent was because for once in her life, she wanted to be selfish and keep it for herself.

“Siguro kasi sa buong buhay ko, hindi ako selfish. This time, gusto ko ‘yung akin, akin. So, ayoko lang i-share for the sake of, pa-mysterious lang,” said Montes.

“This time, gusto ko, no pressure from other people. Growing up, ang dami ng pressure. Pero ‘yung lumaki ka sa children’s show na parang siyempre lumalaki kaming may mga pressures, gusto ko sa aspeto ng buhay ko na ‘to, walang pressure. ‘Yung taong involved, ako, ‘yun lang ‘yung… ‘yun lang ‘yung importante.”

She also said that she also didn’t want to stress herself with what people will think and would just like to enjoy wherever she is right now.

Montes is rumored to be in a long-term relationship with former co-star, Coco Martin. The two first worked with each other in the series Walang Hanggan and the questions about the real deal resurfaced when the actress previously showed support to the actor for his movie Love or Money with Angelica Panganiban.


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