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Anne Curtis looks forward to working with her ‘It’s Showtime’ family again!

LionhearTVOctober 26, 2021

Anne Curtis shared she is looking forward to being reunited with her It’s Showtime family after a hiatus due to maternity leave.

On Instagram, Curtis posted a series of throwback pictures to commemorate It’s Showtime’s 12th anniversary.

“Happy 12th anniversary, my Showtime family. A lot of things have changed, but I know these things still remain – the love we have for one another, our madlang people, and the goal to continue to make them happy.”

Curtis greeted, that amid the many changes and challenges they have encountered, their love to spread happiness continues.

“Looking forward to when I can laugh so hard again like the last pic with you guys again! I miss you all sooooooo much!”

She stated that she is excited to be one of the hosts of the noon-time show again.

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to commend my brothers, sisters, of course, Inay, and the whole showtime family behind the camera who continue to work hard to put on an amazing show despite the challenges of the last few years.”

Curtis continued, applauding all the people who have worked hard to keep the show running amid the huge hindrances they have encountered in the past two years.

“Thank you and I Love you guys! Happy Anniversary.” she added.

Curtis took a break from the entertainment industry in 2019 to focus on being a first-time mother to her daughter with Erwan Heusaff.

“Who knows, maybe as early as next year, I might do a series again or a film. I think I could make it work talaga. We’ll see how things are next year. Baka mamaya nag-a-attend na ng mga [classes] kasi pre-school, kinder na si Dahlia. That gives me a time din to go do [It’s] Showtime.”

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