Richard Gomez shares worries that might happen to daughter soon

LionhearTVJune 29, 2021

Richard Gomez couldn’t help but feel tensed and worried right now for his 20-year-old daughter Juliana.

In just a short period of time, Richard thinks that her only daughter might get married soon, and he is not yet ready for that.

Juliana is currently in her third year taking up Public Administration at the University of the Philippines.

Recently, Juliana and Miggy Bautista, an award-winning fencing athlete from Ateneo de Manila University, stirred up a romance after photos of them together surfaced online. In spite of being rumored as a couple, neither of the two confirmed anything.

This has caused Richard to worry, thinking that Juliana might follow in her mother’s footsteps. Richard recalled that he married his partner Lucy Torres when she was still at the young age of 23.

“She’s 20 now, she���ll be 21 in September. You never know kung kailan siya ikakasal. You know, when I married Lucy, Lucy was 23. Tatlong taon lang ‘yon. Ang bilis lang” the Ormoc Mayor said in an exclusive interview.

The actor-turned-politician then advised his daughter to learn to discern from guys who are sincere from those who are just playing with her feelings or “mambobola”.

“Ang laki-laki mo na, ang ganda-ganda mo. You really have to take good care of yourself. Siyempre may mambobola sayo pero dapat ma-differentiate mo yung sincere tsaka yung binobola ka lang” he said.

“chickboys” in his generation.

“Alam ko yan kasi I was one of them hahaha” Richard laughingly said.

Richard had a reputation of being a  “chickboy or mambobola” during his younger years in the ’80s. He had a number of past relationships with different actresses, including Dawn Zulueta, Sharon Cuneta, Snooky Serna, and late fashion model Patricia Borromeo.

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