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How did Sophie Reyes hold onto her career amid the pandemic, ABS-CBN shutdown?

LionhearTVOctober 23, 2021

Despite the circumstances, Kapamilya young star Sophie Reyes never doubted the power of ABS-CBN. She held onto the promise of the said Network.

She said in an interview, “It was very nice naman po kasi they are very transparent and very open.

“It was very reassuring kaya very happy pa rin ako na kasama ako dito sa family na ‘to.”

Reyes admitted she felt sad when the pandemic happened after ABS-CBN launched her as one of the Star Magic artists in 2019.

She was even more devastated when this was followed by the Network’s shutdown.

The happiness and excitement she felt seemed to have disappeared because she expected the projects laid out for them to be delayed.

She does not know what might happen to her career

One thing she did not expect to happen in 2019 is the continuation of the series His Into Her. She didn’t think it would resume, because the network no longer had a franchise.

She admitted that the outcome of this project and how the viewers loved it excites her. She also did not expect that the fans would form a love team between her and co-actor Jim Morales.

Aside from acting, Sophie also entered the music industry. She has written various songs and the latest of them is her song, Mythomaniac. It is available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms.

Although few things have delayed her career in showbiz, Sophie is still thankful for the opportunity given to her.

She said she believes that ABS-CBN can rise again, and she is looking forward to more projects and opportunities.

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