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DJ Loonyo publicizes relationship with a choreographer, states current situation with Ivana Alawi

DailypediaAugust 21, 2021

After netizens and fans fell in and out of love with DJ Loonyo‘s chemistry with Ivana Alawi, the social media influencer finally went public with his current girlfriend, choreographer Faye Protacio.

On August 10, DJ Loonyo uploaded a few photos with Protacio, all taken on different occasions. He captioned it with “gugma” which means “love” or “affection” in Bisaya.

“Mayroong makikinig sa iyo, mayroon kang paglalabasan, mayroon kang second opinion parati. Blessing siya, I’m really inspired to do more,” he said during an interview with

He added that the feeling of celebrating life with someone special or having another person to share all your worries with still felt different.

“Malaking tulong na mayroon tayong special na tao sa buhay natin. Na-try ko na wala, and there are times you wanna celebrate pero wala kang mapagsabihan. You have slight or small problems, pero wala kang mapagsabihan.”

Before his relationship with Protacio, he was linked with young star Ivana Alawi after asking him to help her prank her mother by acting as her boyfriend. Netizens immediately grew attached to the two’s chemistry as they formed their own love team.

But it came to an end as DJ Loonyo was said to have been dating another girl named Claire Gomez even before his partnership with Ivanna grew. It turned out that he kept his closeness to the two girls a secret, which led to misunderstandings.

“Wala naman ibang ihe-hate dito kundi sa akin kasi sa akin naman nanggaling ang desisyon. The mistake was from me. It happened at that moment. There’s a reason why it happened at that moment. I mishandled it, I understand,” he confessed during an interview.

He has apologized to both women but stated that his feelings for Alawi were real, but he has chosen to take a step back and distance them even if things are well between them.

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