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Vice Ganda takes a swipe at those using his name, photos for clout purposes

LionhearTVSeptember 22, 2022

The Unkabogable Phenomenal Box Office Superstar seemingly addressed, those who made writeups about him only to attract clout.

It is not surprising that Vice Ganda dominates the news now and then, because of his massive popularity. 

He makes headlines by dropping a joke on It’s Showtime, or simply by making a post on his social media accounts. Such is the case last night, September 21, when the comedian-host, tweeted a sarcastic post on his official Twitter account.

“Grabe no! Gamit na gamit ang pangalan ko at mga pictures ko sa mga click bait na articles and contents. Minsan naniniwala na talaga akong kabayo ako. Andaming gustong sumakay e.

“(It’s crazy! I feel overused already with people relentlessly using my name and photos for clout! It sometimes makes me believe, I really am a horse, because everybody want a ride),” his tweet reads.

Vice notably hit the headlines last weekend over his advice for the next Idol Philippines winner, who turned out to be Khimo Gumatay from Makati City.

“Sana maraming magbukas na opportunities sa’yo. Sana mag-stay ka muna sa network na ito.

“(I wish many opportunities open for you. I wish you don’t depart too quickly from this network)”, he said, jokingly, to everybody’s surprise.

While the advice was in jest, it has still taken a lot of people aback, especially the fans of the previous idol Philippines winner Zephanie Dimaranan, who is now a Kapuso talent.

Vice Ganda previously sat as a resident judge in the first season of Idol Philippines. Robi Domingo, the current host, asked the comedian host-singer what he could say to the next winner, given his role in the first season of the talent-reality search.

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