The ‘Dapat Alam Mo!’ trio of Kim Atienza, Emil Sumangil, Patricia Tumulak reveal juicy secrets about each other - TrueID

The ‘Dapat Alam Mo!’ trio of Kim Atienza, Emil Sumangil, Patricia Tumulak reveal juicy secrets about each other

LionhearTVOctober 27, 2022

In a media conference on October 18, the hosts Kim Atienza, Emil Sumangil, and Patricia Tumulak teased each other with secrets and opinions. Friendly banter is already a dynamic among them.

Tumulak told LionhearTV that she enjoyed the company of her two co-hosts. She learned a lot from their daily interactions on the set. The host also admitted how Atienza is like a ‘big brother’ to her. She gets all the advice and lessons from him. Tumulak also added that she’s thankful to her co-hosts for all the professional and spiritual help.

“Sabi nga ni Kuya Kim na pangbu-bully, pero as a Kuya, na kung anong dapat gawin, ano ang dapat sabihin dito, andami kong natutunan from them, from Tito Emil,” she said.

She revealed that after a year of hosting together, they already had this friendly banter. She added that she held her co-hosts in high regard and said that Sumangil and Atienza were poles apart.

Sumangil admired Tumulak and Atienza’s personalities on and off camera. He said that his co-hosts were christ-centered, and down-to-earth people.

“Dapat alam niyo, na si Kuya Kim Atienza ay isang Christ-centered person, ang kanyang araw-araw na buhay ay nakaugat sa aral ng Diyos. – Dapat alam niyo, na si miss Patricia Tumulak … ay isang totoong tao, very down-to-earth, at kung gusto mong magkaroon ng kaibigan mula sa showbiz industry – isa siya.” admitted Sumangil

Atienza also revealed some secrets about himself. When asked about the most surprising fact about himself, he responded that he wanted to enter the priesthood. He was the first male personality to wear a lycra bodysuit for aerobics on TV.

“Nagseminary ako ng dalawang taon, gusto ko sanang maging pari – ganoon ako karelihiyosong tao … nag bodybuilding ako at ito – historical, ako ang pinakaunang lalake na nagsuot ng lycra sa telebisyon at nagsasasayaw sa TV.”

He added that he was the voice of multiple anime characters. Characters like Red Mask from Masked Man, Shaider from Space Sheriff Shaider, and Ultraman were those he lent his voice.

The Trio also complimented each other, revealing how their positive attributes influenced one another. They explained that their respective passion, love, and diligence eventually became a common denominator.

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