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Jodi Sta. Maria, ‘Love Beneath The Stars’ actors believe God accepts homosexuality

DailypediaAugust 22, 2021

The actors of the Kapamilya BL series Love Beneath The Stars had a lot to say about gays still having faith in God.

In a media conference, the talents said there is nothing wrong with being homosexual because your relationship with God is the only thing that matters.

Director Dolly Dula ignores all the people who criticize him for being a hypocrite.

” I am a very religious person. I believe in God. We dictate our own relationship with God. It doesn’t really matter kung ano ang sabihin nila basta kung ano yung pinaniniwalaan mo, ‘yun yung totoo kumakapit ka sa Panginoon not because bakla ka, but because tao ka.”

He treats his God as if he was his big brother.

“Kuya ko siya. ‘Ganun ko siya tinitignan. ‘Di niya ako jinajudge dahil bakla ako.

“Crineate tayo ng Panginoon the way we are now. I was created to be gay. Mahirap maging bakla pero kailangan mo siyang pagdaanan para mas maging matatag ka sa paniniwala mo sa buhay.

“Hindi porket bakla ka, hindi ka na pwede maging religious. At the end of the day, it’s your relationship with the Lord.” he said.

Derick Cabrido believes God doesn’t care much about one’s preference because he can’t discriminate.

“God is universal and at the same time doesn’t discriminate. Kung ano man ang preference ng bawat isa, he will respect that as long as wala kang ginagawang mali.

“God will support you kung ano yung magiging preference mo. At the end of the day, importante na nagpakabait ka at kaya mong respetuhin ang sarili at kapwa mo.” he said.

Jodi Sta. Maria only had a few words, saying God placed people on earth to show love to each other.

“He is love [God] and he is the kind that doesn’t condemn nor judge. He has that kind of character. Who are we to judge, condemn, or discriminate others. We are here to love one another.”

Adrian Lindayag, the main homosexual character in the series, was raised as a Catholic. His family’s values made it challenging for him to accept that he likes other men.

“Yung faith ko maraming nang pinagdaanan ‘yan. I grew up in a conservative catholic family. So I grew up hating myself because I don’t want to be attracted to boys kasi bawal.”

He learned more about the gay community in college and briefly turned to atheism. But his belief that a God exists brought him back to being spiritual.

“Naging atheist ako that time tapos it didn’t work out kasi I’m a very spiritual person.

“Ngayon umabot na ako sa pag merge ng truth ko as a person and ng relationship ko with God.” he said.

He knows that God has already accepted what he has become, and that is someone who has natural sexual urges of the same gender.

“God is love, and to love is to honor God. If only I had a choice, I would just choose to be straight kasi mas madali, but I wasn’t born that way.” he added.

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