Vice Ganda apologizes to ‘It’s Showtime’ viewers for being too ‘pretty’ during the program


March 8, 2021

As comedic as ever, Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda brought laughter It’s Showtime! viewers when he jokingly apologized for being extra ‘pretty’ in the show.

In Tawag ng Tanghalan segment, Vice ‘apologized’ to the viewers when co-hosts Jhong Hilario and Vhong Navarro noticed the former’s extra outfit.

“Gusto ko lang mag sorry, gusto ko lang huminigi ng paumanhin sa mga viewers natin, na offend sila sobrang ganda ko today,” Vice Ganda said.

The comedian added that he woke up beautifully and did not bother on fixing his self despite the extravagant look that he has.

“Ang daming mga tao na feel bad for themselves, sabi ko ‘pasensya na po, I just woke up like this’ I did not mean to offend anyone with my beauty,” he added.

Sporting a sexy look, Vice Ganda’s outfit was a stunning red high low dress with a fishtail hem style. The It’s Showtime host even joked that he is wearing shorts in his outfit but jokingly backed up that he didn’t wear underwear.

“Naka shorts po ako pero walang panty” while modeling his look.

Jhong Hilario, on the other hand, joked that maybe viewers will only be offended for one day since this is the only day that she’s pretty.

“So pano yan na offend sila ngayon bukas hinde na? So ano yan one day,” Jhong laughingly said.

Vice Ganda immediately reacted and said they should be supportive of his confidence today.

“Ngayon lang ako nagandahan sa sarili ko ilang taon akong pangit na pangit bagsak na bagsak ang self confidence ko,” Vice Ganda reiterated

Vhong Navarro immediately jumped in and he was also amazed at Vice Ganda’s look for today.

“Kanina nga pag pasok akala ko na foreigner ka,” Vhong Navarro quipped.

This wasn’t the first time Vice Ganda was noticed for his extravagant outfit on the noontime show. Teased by Jhong Hilario again, Vice Ganda’s outfit was compared to a party hat because of her pink top.

As we all know, one thing that sets It’s Showtime apart from other shows is there is no exception when there is teasing that happens between the co-hosts.

One example of their playful banter when, recently, Vice Ganda and the other hosts of It’s Showtime couldn’t have had their fun seeing Kim Chiu wearing a dress.

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate wore a gorgeous dress, but the color was similar to what the contestants wore.


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