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Despite Vice Ganda’s efforts to spoonfeed an answer to a contestant, he admits that ‘it felt right’

LionhearTVAugust 29, 2021

Vice Ganda wasn’t sure if he was going against the show’s rules when he practically spoonfed the right answer to a studio contestant during the most recent episode of the Kapamilya game show, Everybody Sing, but he did anyway, sharing “it felt right.

Yun ang gusto naming ibigay… bukod sa fun, bukod sa entertainment, gusto namin kayong tulungan (that’s what we want to give, other than fun and entertainment, we want to help you get by…),” explained Vice Ganda right after willfully giving the correct answer to one of the show’s studio contestants on Sunday, August 30.

Everybody Sing!, itself is a charity-inspired show that aspires to help the most affected sectors of the currently persisting pandemic. Several working groups, including community pantry workers, barangay tanods, tricycle drivers, and flight attendants have already tried their luck.

Last week, the call center agent group won the jackpot prize of 500,000 pesos, giving each player 20,000 to take home.

Last Sunday, it was the group of factory workers who took their shot.

During the jackpot round, the group was close to winning the prize when the contestants got repeatedly stalled at one of the songs that needed to be named by the contestants. Only two seconds was remaining and song no.8 remained unanswered.

A few moments leading to it, Vice Ganda’s uneasiness was already apparent on the screen. He even declared “gusto ko kayong manalo” right before he asked the last unnamed track was played.

When it was studio contestant, Jane’s turn to answer, Vice Ganda made sure Jane would be the one to seal the group’s win. He first asked if Jane [really] knew the answer, and the contestant made it known that she’s unsure. It was then that Vice practically gave her the answer by enumerating a few titles.

The track being guessed was a nursery rhyme, so Vice said “hindi mo alam ‘yung ‘Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star’, ‘Happy Birthday To You’… yung mga ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ di mo alam yan?”, giving so much emphasis on the last title.

It was pretty obvious Vice just spoonfed Jane the right answer, that when she finally answered Pop Goes the Weasel, everyone knew in the studio the factory workers just won, and it was all because of Vice.

On explaining why he did it, Vice said that he couldn’t afford to let the contestants go home almost empty-handed, after hearing heartbreaking stories from them.

One story that touched him the most is that of Harrah, who shared there were times when they barely eat three times a day since she lost her work during the pandemic. Known for his random and spontaneous charity acts during the live airing of his shows, Vice Ganda again showed her generous heart once more, by letting the factory workers win when it was apparent that the last song won’t be named.

Sharing, “I don’t know if what I did was right, but it felt right”, he said that it was the utmost intention of the show to help the needy, aside from giving them fun and entertainment.

On twitter, Vice Ganda shared that the episode was special to him, and thanked those who watched the show.

With his parting words on the show, Vice left an even more meaningful words of encouragement when he said, “Ang sarap ng feeling ng nananalo no? kung puwede lang sana everyday nananalo, hirap na hirap na kayo oh.. kaya sana sa eleksyon, tayo ang manalo (it feels good to be winning… if we can just win everyday, right? You guys are already struggling, so I hope we let ourselves win this coming election.”

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