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Catch Let’s Tango! Kumar Talks Heart to Heart with Interracial Couples in Singapore on 04 September

LionhearTVAugust 18, 2021

Singapore is a cultural melting pot and our delicate multiculturalism is being shaken by racist remarks shared openly on the streets. On June 6th, a lecturer made racist remarks to an interracial couple and their exchange is documented all over social media. While this does not reflect the views of the majority, we feel the compelling need to share with people on how to conduct discussions about race, in a sensible and safe manner.

LAMC Productions presents ‘Lets Tango! Kumar Talks Heart to Heart with Interracial Couples’, a one-hour ticketed talk show to be streamed via Sistic Live, featuring Kumar and a panel of interracial couples in Singapore. Virtual tickets on sale today – 16 August 2021, Monday at 10:00am SGT via Sistic.

“For 20 years, we have been bringing music & comedy fans of all nationalities together. Our purpose in organising this virtual show is uniting people across all races, to provide a platform for interracial couples to discuss their joys & trials in a lighthearted event. We hope that by doing this event, people can accept & understand each other for who they are.”
– Lauretta Alabons, Co-Founder and Director of LAMC Productions –

Using comedy and entertainment as a medium to broach difficult conversations about race, religion or diversity in general, LAMC Productions unveils an event featuring Singapore’s top comedian & TV host Kumar, aiming to promote racial harmony in Singapore. Let’s Tango! Kumar Talks Heart to Heart with Interracial Couples is the first episode in a 6-part series that will deep dive into the real-life experiences of interracial couples, covering topics such as the perceptions of their relationships, stereotyping and misunderstandings they experience regularly, and what we as a society, can do better to embrace diversity and promote understanding.

Hear the stories of interracial couples as they navigate unique challenges being in an interracial relationship. They spill the beans on how they first told their family about their relationship, how they experienced each other’s cultures and how they figured that love conquers all. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind dialogue series with the Queen of Local Comedy, Kumar.

“It is difficult enough to live with someone, what more if they are of a different race. I feel people ought to know that interracial marriage is not a bed of roses. While I hope that love conquers all, I am sure there must be moments of anguish and frustration in these relationships. What better way to bring this to the surface is through a comedy talk show.
Hopefully through the joy and struggles of these couples, we will all learn to compromise and deal with people of other races more graciously.”
– Kumar, Comedian and Host –

Founders of Interracial Family Singapore, Camille Tan-Mahendran, and her husband Mr. Mahendran Herusan, will be one of the couples on the panel in this first episode.

“Through this event we hope to inspire healthy discussions about race and diversity, and share our unique stories in the hopes of educating our society about what racial harmony means in 2021. We want Singaporeans to celebrate the country’s multiculturalism. We should focus on similarities and celebrate our differences because love knows no language, race or culture.”
– Camille Tan-Mahendran –

Virtual tickets to ‘Let’s Tango! Kumar Talks Heart to Heart with Interracial Couples’ are available on 16 August 2021 at 10:00am SGT via SISTIC. Single tickets are priced at SGD$30 each, 10 tickets at SGD$250 and 20 tickets at SGD$400 – all excluding Sistic booking fee.

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