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Markus Paterson regretted coming to the PH; he got hooked with vices in the process

LionhearTVSeptember 28, 2022

Markus Paterson regretted coming to the Philippines and said he acquired vices.

On September 17, during episode three of Boys After Dark featuring Anthony Jennings, Jae Miranda, Gello Marquez, and Aljon Mendoza, Paterson shared that his biggest regret was living in the Philippines.

“Biggest regret ko in life was making a decision to move here in the Philippines, iniwan ko ‘yung tatay ko na matanda na at mag-isa sa UK.

“Doon talaga lahat ‘yung pangarap ko na maging piloto, maging military kagaya ng tatay ko. As in never talaga akong mangarap na maging artista, mag actor, mag model, maging singer. As in wala talaga akong balak lumipat dito.

Paterson confessed that his dream was to become a military pilot like his father.

“Everything happened so fast, so quick, du’n ko na na-pick up lahat ng bisyo ko, depression ko. Why would I waste my mental health on something I don’t see as beneficial to me?”

“Because right now, if I didn’t have Jude, I’d be back to the UK already. I’d be in the Air Force or I’d be in the Army and I knew I would be happy.”

Paterson revealed that Jude, his child with Janella Salvador, was the reason why he chose to stay in the country.

“But of course at the end of the day, I just wanna bring it back to the fact that me and Janella are good. We’re friends, we are co-parenting ‘coz obviously our priority is Jude.

“She’s an amazing mother and I’m trying to be an amazing father. Biggest blessing, of course. Yeah, Jude! Jude is my biggest blessing to the fact that she gave it to me. I will never not love her, maybe not romantically anymore, but she’ll always be a huge part of my heart,” he shared.

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