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The healing calmness of nature by Hardin de Pasipiko

LionhearTVOctober 18, 2022

A short drive over a two-hour drive from Manila, the beach resort offers a much-needed escape away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

Dreaming of a serene and peaceful break from the noise and business of the city? Just outside Metro Manila, there is a new sanctuary that awaits thrill and peace seekers alike. Have your much-awaited escapade at Hardin de Pasipiko, a thriving beach resort in Olongapo. This place offers the perfect fusion of the modern and natural worlds, and it promises to meet the needs and preferences of every visitor.

While it already looks like a gem on the coast of Olongapo, Hardin de Pasipiko was not always as alluring as it is now. Owners of the place told us they are used to the place being utterly neglected and lacking in services such as coffee shops and villas springing up everywhere.

Hardin de Pasipiko did not get its name by accident. It was actually given by its owners because they wanted it to be a ‘garden of peace, first and foremost. It is not surprising that that’s what visiting the resort feels like; it is peaceful, calm, and therapeutic even.

The resort caters to a diverse group of clients, which is why it offers a wide array of accommodation packages.

The resort offers several types of lodging that fit every guest’s needs. They have villas, complete with amenities, including a spa and air-conditioning. Whether you are a lone wanderer or with a group of 4-6 people, the nature-inspired cottages and tepee huts under this accommodation will surely provide the much-needed calm and comfort you are looking for.

A small air-conditioned teepee hut, is affordable at PhP1,500 and PhP2,500 (promo rates), for two and four people, respectively. A couple’s room with its own bathroom costs PhP3,500. Deluxe rooms that are suitable for a maximum of four people, can be rented at PhP4,500. For six-member groups, the price is slightly more expensive at PhP6,000

A 2-in-1 package, consisting of a standard room and a cottage, is worth PhP7,000. It can accommodate 4-6 people.

Spacious bricked cottages that can accommodate up to 10 people are also available. There is a bar and a small cafe, too, where guests can unwind and have their favorite snacks and drinks. A common bathroom is not that difficult to find, either.

The resort charges a PhP500 entrance fee that is consumable during your stay. Guests can spend them at the cafe or bar, and other establishments inside the resort, which means you practically do not pay for an entrance, at all.

Of course, no vacation or even workcation trip is complete, without a bit of fun and adventure on the side. That is why Hardin de Pasipiko also offers some exciting activities for its guests to enjoy. The resort offers sports activities, including dragon and banana boat riding, kayaking, and jet-skiing. Sports tournaments, albeit requiring registration fees, are sometimes held from time to time. Live bands and comedians are also featured at the resort’s restaurant and bar, to entertain the guests during cold and breezy nights.

Hardin de Pasipiko is truly a garden of peace, where you can engage with the warmth and tranquility of nature. Those who are looking for the perfect place to hold their team-building activities, will surely not get disappointed with the resort’s amazing set of amenities and activities to offer.

The resort is conveniently located along the National Road Kalaklan in Olongapo City, Zambales. To book accommodation, interested clients can directly contact them through these hotlines: 09925988802, 09636141489. For more information online, you can also visit their official Facebook page at:

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