Netizens blast Harry Roque’s un-Christian label on a query about his convenient acquisition of a PGH bed

LionhearTVApril 13, 2021

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque has contracted Covid-19 and was admitted to the Philippine Government Hospital (PGH) after his oxygen level fell to 90%.

But given that hospitals are overcrowded due to the pandemic, many were wondering how Roque managed to get a bed in PGH.

“How did you manage to get a COVID bed in PGH when many are in dire need of a slot, some even dying as they wait,” asked Jam Punzalan of ABS-CBN News during Monday’s briefing which was sent to Malacañang communications staff.

Roque avoided the question, “I think that’s an un-Christian question.

“Ang aking assurance lang, sa administrasyon ni Presidente Duterte, lahat ng mayroong pangangailangang medikal ay mabibigyan po ng tulong at ‘yun naman rin po ay dahil sa ating sinulong na universal health care [law] noong 17th Congress,” he added.

This remark coming from Roque drew flak from celebrities and Netizens as many Filipinos are also suffering from COVID-19.

Award-winning writer Lualhati Bautista used the same logic as Roque. In her facebook post, Bautista, using the spokesperson’s “unchristian” argument, asked if it is the Creator’s will to have people with severe symptoms wait while he lies comfortably in a hospital bed without even waiting in line.

Asked how he was able to get a room at the PGH when many people who have severe symptoms are waiting, Roque says,…

Posted by Lualhati Bautista on Monday, April 12, 2021

Over twitter, many celebrities and personalities also irked at the spokesperson’s remark.

Actor Alex Medina ridiculed Roque for using religion in answering the question.

He wrote, “Ginamit na religion card. Guys, malapit na ‘tong mga to! Basagin!”

With Roque not being transparent, actress Gab Panglinan also criticized Roque’s statement. The actress reiterated that with his argument that the question was “unchristian”, it only made the public more suspicious.

Fr. Fiel Pareja also noticed how Roque used Christianity to dodge the question. Pareja condemned the spokesperson for being selfish and incompetent, even using religion as his defense against such kind of question. Also, the priest perceived Roque’s jumping the line as an insult to the infected ordinary Filipinos who have to wait in line.

Another Netizen took notice of how Roque skipped lines.

The netizen castigated the Roque for saying that the question was “unchristian”. In the meantime, ordinary COVID patients are waiting to acquire medical assistance while Roque was admitted without any delay.

Twitter personality Francis Baraan IV also scorned Roque for cutting the line. Baraan then used the logic of Roque by asking whether it is Christian for him to jump the line over others.

Journalist Barnaby Lo also asked the same question as Roque called the query an “unchristian” one. Lo also pointed out that the Secretary’s urgent admittance to PGH is obviously un-Christian. This is a fact since he jumped the line while many far more critical are waiting to receive medical assistance.

Journalist Kevin Manalo condemned Roque as he used his privilege card to acquire a bed in PGH. Meanwhile, most ordinary citizens have to follow normal procedures despite being critically ill.

ABS-CBN journalist Karen Davila castigated the assurance made by Roque in his recent statement.

According to Roque, the Duterte administration will provide all medical support to the Filipinos. Davila then sought if the promise of the spokesperson will be true given that thousands are infected by the deadly virus. If the Government stays true to Roque’s statement, then everyone who needs a ventilator will get one.

However, given that hospitals are overcrowded and in need of more hospital beds, this will be far from being possible.

While Roque is in a hospital bed getting treated for COVID-19, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto released a statement implying every resident of Pasig will receive cash assistance. This act of Sotto was lauded by comedienne Pokwang over Twitter.

With Sotto showing his brilliance, actor Tirso Cruz III threw some shade as he replied “yan ang very ‘Christian'” in Pokwang’s tweet. His tweet pertained to Roque’s “unchristian” remark on the question of how he got admitted to PGH.

Also, the Monday briefing was tweaked for the Spokesperson to recover. Roque is set to push through with his press briefing on Tuesday, April 13.

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