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GMA Network fills the entertainment, information void in former ABS-CBN bailiwicks

LionhearTVOctober 23, 2021

The opening of GMA Network’s Zamboanga regional station marks its continuing efforts to reach more Filipinos across the archipelago.

It looks like GMA Network is on the move to serving areas where ABS-CBN previously dominated through its now-defunct Regional Network Group (RNG) stations. Following ABS-CBN’s shutdown in 2020, GMA Network became the most-watched TV channel in the country. However, there are areas where the Kapuso signal is either weak or nonexistent. ABS-CBN’s sudden departure from key areas has put pressure on the GMA network to fill the void left by its main rival’s absence, which is what it seems to be doing now as part of its strategic expansion plans.

This month, GMA opened its 10th regional TV station–GMA Zamboanga is also the media giant’s fourth originating free TV station in Mindanao.

The newly opened station is now GMA Network’s Western Mindanao headquarters, which intended to serve the Zamboanga peninsula, and the provinces of Sulu, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi. The semi-satellite station, enforced by the Network’s relay TV station in Jolo. It means more Kapuso viewers in the region will now be able to watch Kapuso programs.

The Zamboanga peninsula and adjacent provinces were [previously] served by the now-shut ABS-CBN Zamboanga, which was among the oldest regional TV stations in the country. Like its fellow regional stations in other parts of the country, GMA Zamboanga, poised to offer geographically and culturally sensitive programs that would fit the needs of its target audiences.

The opening of the Zamboanga station also facilitates GMA News expansion, as it will also allow a local version of the newscast, One Mindanao. The move will help address the lack of mainstream news and national news in the region, which previously relied [mostly] on TV Patrol Chavacano, ABS-CBN’s local broadcast of the long-running Kapamilya news program.

GMA Zamboanga joins other Kapuso regional stations in the country, which are GMA Dagupan, GMA Naga, GMA Ilo-Ilo, GMA Cebu, GMA Davao, and five other semi-satellite TV stations in the country.

Most of these areas are formerly ABS-CBN’s bailiwicks, which means that their now strong presence could [really] well compensate for the vacuum of information and entertainment in these areas.

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