Award-winning film 'Rosario' starring Jennylyn Mercado now available in HD


May 29, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — Award-winning 2010 period film “Rosario,” starring Jennylyn Mercado is now available in HD on the newest video-on-demand streaming service POPTV.

Based on a true story told by TV5 Chairman Manny Pangilinan and directed by Albert Martinez, “Rosario” is an empowering story of a young and liberated woman who is born ahead of her time.

Set in 1920s Philippines, Rosario Pereira gets involved with different men and bravely defies moral restrictions in pursuit of her own truth and desires.

In an interview, Jennylyn recounted how much she enjoyed playing this unconventional role ten years ago in a movie she referred to as “period-correct.”

“That was Direk Albert’s vision. He really wanted it to be very accurate and period-correct, from the costumes, to the set, production design, script and so on,” Jennylyn said.

Jennylyn said that the biggest challenge for her was the preparations she had to go through before going in front of the camera as Rosario.

“My hair was done for like two to three hours. They call it the finger waves. So what they did was to literally shampoo my hair with spraynet and mousse, and one by one they would form those curls using their fingers and a blower. It was really a very tedious process,” Jennylyn said.

It was a different story for her co-actor and real life boyfriend, Dennis Trillo as he struggled with the lines.

“It was set in1920s so the type of FIlipino language being used was very different. On top of that, we also had a scene there where we had to dance the Charleston, which for me was quite challenging,” Dennis said, who played the role of Alberto in the movie.

An entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival where it won 2nd Best Picture, “Rosario” has earned numerous nominations and recognitions from different award-giving bodies such as the PMPC Star Awards, Luna Awards and Famas Awards, where Albert was named Best Director.

It also stars Yul Servo, Sid Lucero, Isabel Oli, Empress Schuck, Eula Valdez, Philip Salvador, Ricky Davao, Chanda Romero, Liza Lorena and King of Comedy Dolphy.

With POPTV streaming this timeless film in HD, Jennylyn is excited for the younger generation of viewers to experience “Rosario".

“The lesson you learn from her story still applies even up to this day. Rosario taught me that no matter what mistakes you have made in the past, you still have the power to bring your life back on track and choose the path you want to take in the end,” Jennylyn said.


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